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Just Take a Moment

Just Take a Moment

I’m going to take a moment to sit quietly, put my mind in neutral and enjoy a little peace! I’ll let the quiet of the house bring quiet into my mind. The stillness of the farm around me, with no light except for the stars above, can ease my thoughts! I want to take a few minutes to feel the peace that is within us all and seldom heard or felt! As I sit here, I’m watching my sweet little dog sleep so peacefully, it puts life down to it’s simplest terms. To be warm, when it’s cold outside, to be fed well, and to be free from any influence that doesn’t bring peace and happiness! Ok….now I wish I was my dog!! 🙂

I’d like to welcome Flippant into my small family of featured designers! I always like to welcome an up and coming creator that has a passion for what they do! There’s an energy about their work that shows up in their creations! I’m wearing “Preppy” this time around and it’s a complete outfit that all goes together perfectly! The entire outfit is mesh with the cropped sweater and skirt in five standard sizes and a fitted mesh version. I’m wearing it with the Maitreya, Lara mesh body and it works perfectly! The shoes are SLink, Maitreya and Belleza compatible and, along with the skirt and sweater, are all HUD driven! The purse is also HUD driven with lots of colours to choose from! Oh…and the watch keeps time…just click it to select your time zone!!

The # 35 tattoo from TATTOOED is Maitreya, Omega, SLink and Belleza compatible, along with a tattoo layer for the classic avatars!

The Rockstar hair is from Catwa and is such a unique do! It includes physics so it has all the motion of real hair when walking or dancing!

The Niska, bare skin in Rosy tone is from Lumae. I added a little eye make up from Veechi and lip gloss from alaskametro<3!

Poses by !bang poses.

I took the pictures on a street corner at Sandalphon.

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