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I Come to Life in a Garden!

I Come to Life in a Garden!

I know February isn’t the most gardening friendly month in Canada, but it’s at this time of year when I start planning for the coming season! There’s still snow on the ground, and will be for another couple months, the daytime highs right now are sitting at -15 C and even if I could get to the soil, it’s frozen hard as rock! So, with an actual garden a long ways away, what are my options for curing the gardening urge!

The Gacha Garden of course! It really is a beautiful setting, all those gacha machines in a warm and sunny location! I became enthralled with the Flutterpaws from lassitude & ennui early in my wanderings! These little cat fairies are animated and when worn sit above the left shoulder, and do little cat things, like flutter their butterfly wings! They can also be rezzed and make cute decor! There’s eleven commons and four rare kitties to collect and when you’ve played twenty times on the machine you’ll receive the Seed of Inspiration version! It’s the one that will be retired at the end of the event, never to be seen again! The Gacha Garden runs the entire month of February!

The Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt began today and I’m wearing the hunt gift from Duh! here! The Thick Soled Sneaks are unrigged mesh, so sizing is simple with a drop down menu. They come with an alpha for classic avatars but will also fit over many of the mesh flat feet available! There is seventeen designers participating in the WAMIMSH and you can get all the slurls and hints on the blog here!

The Suspender Dress, in black, is from {MYNX} and it just had the perfect look I was looking for to pair with the shoes! It comes with five standard sizes, but I’m wearing it over the Maitreya Lara mesh body with no problem! 🙂

Also at The Gacha Garden is the lovely Tang hair from Doe. I won the browns pack and the HUD includes an incredible twelve solid hair colours and another twelve dipped!!

The Delia skin in Tan tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and exclusive to BOMB SHELLS!

Poses by Label Motion.

I took the pictures at Scribbled Hearts!

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