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To All Designers and Creators!

To All Designers and Creators!

I’d like to take a few moments to thank all designers and creators in Second Life!! What would SL be without each and every one of you? Each avatar in SL has come to this little world for a different reason, and no matter what the reason, we all have a right to live our Second Life as we wish. I find it amazing that people have taken the time and effort to create things for this little world, and in most cases it’s as a hobby! How many avatars make a living from this life? Probably a small percentage of the population, but the joy of it is, is that anyone can do or be anything here! The definition of “hobby” is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure , and for most of us that’s what SL is, a hobby! I chose to blog for my purpose in Second Life, I’m not the best or the worst..and even if I was either of those, I wouldn’t really care….because I enjoy doing it, and who am I or anyone else, to criticize anyone for doing what they enjoy doing? So to all creators…keep creating…for to express your creativity in this form is your freedom and right, and never let the negativity get you down!

I’d like to show you these sandals from Slipper Originals that are to be found in the main store for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt! They’re SLink and Maitreya compatible, and it’s getting to be time to get the sandals out to bare our feet to the sun and enjoy some warmer weather! You’re looking for a black high heeled shoe and the hint is, “One of these shoes is not like the others!”. The items for the hunt costs 10L$ and for any type of footwear this is remarkably cheap! You can check out the WAMIMSH blog for all the hints and slurls!

Also for the WAMIMS hunt is a very pretty pack of nail appliers from Hello Dave! The hint is, “Give me some credit” so head over to the main store and grab them while they’re there! Oh…and one more thing….Hello Dave is doing a Valentine Advent, so, if you’re a VIP member, from now until February 14 you can drop in each day for a free nail applier!

I love the Clover Shirt Dress from HILLY HAALAN! It’s HUD driven with tons of colour options and also comes in five sizes, plus it’s SLink Physique and Maitreya compatible!

The Anais skin in Milk tone is from .::WoW Skins::.!

The Boys & Girls 42 hair in blonde is from Dura!

The doorway pose prop is from the gacha at the Exposeur Props & Poses main store! This is Paris, white!

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