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Take Flight

Take Flight

Wherever you go,
Go with all your heart!


I’m just going to dive right in today! I’ll start with the shoes! Yes, the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt is going on and the Take Flight shoes from Khari’s are well worth the stop! They fit the SLink mid feet, of which I have few shoes for, so it’s a nice change for me! I love the colours of the butterflies! For all the hints and slurls to particpating stores in the WAMIMS hunt click here! 🙂

It’s the fifth of the month…you know what that means, don’t you? A new round of The Chapter Four has begun and Le Poppycock has a couple of pose packs and also a couples pose available there! The two Probable Cause pose packs have six, nice, natural, and versatile, poses in each! I’d show you the couples pose……but without my own special someone it’s not easy to be the guy AND the girl!

Have you ever heard of a Valentine Advent calendar? Well….you have now! Maia, Hello Dave‘s extremely generous creator is releasing wonderful Valentine nail appliers every day until February 14! Just look for the little calendar of hearts and click on the day! I was there yesterday and was able to get all that that have been released so far! Remember to grab the WAMIMS hunt gift while you’re there too! The hint is, “Give me some credit”!

The Olivia skin in Milk tone is from .::WoW Skins::.!

The NO.PAIN hair is from NO.MATCH!

The Blakey Dress is from Dead Dollz!

Lighting by LumiPro.

I’m just standing out on my landing pad at my sky tower high above the sci-fi themed land of Temporia Prime!

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