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Meanwhile………Back At the Fort!

Meanwhile………Back At the Fort!

No matter how hard I try to pretend it’s almost spring, the reality is that it’s still a long way off here in my little spot in this world! The groundhog may have predicted an early spring in some places, but no matter what the furry little rodents do here….we always have at least six more weeks of winter here, regardless! So, there’s still time to do all the winter projects I haven’t gotten done yet! There’s time to get that sewing done and a few craft projects I’ve wanted to try….there’s lots of time for cozy winter nights with a good movie. I just have to admit it to myself..the days of -30C aren’t over, there’s more of them to come before spring even thinks about arriving!

So, with the snow not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s time to get a snow fort built and have a good old fashioned snowball fight! The action is over for a little bit and I’m taking a little bit of a rest! The Snowball Mittens from Anachron are already equipped with snowball fight capabilities! There’s instructions in the pack so you can have ready made snowballs too! The Snow Fort, Red, RARE is one of the three rare snow forts, and don’t forget the Seeds of Inspiration item that’s dispensed every time you play the machine twenty times! With fifteen pair of mitts available, playing twenty times will go by in a snap…and you can always trade your duplicates with your friends! All this fun is available at The Gacha Garden until the end of the month!

There’s been a late addition to the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt and I’m so pleased that SaCaYa STORE has joined in the fun! The Sanni Wedge Boots is the hunt gift when you find the black shoe! They’re HUD driven with all kinds of options to customize! The hunt items are 10L and you can find all the slurls and hints on the WAMIMSH blog!

The Padded Vest is from NS:: and is perfect for the cool weather and doesn’t inhibit my throwing motion! 😉

The Nadya hair is from [RUNAWAY HAIR]!

My skin is Olivia in Milk tone from .::WoW Skins::.!

I dove deep into my inventory for the Layla 84 jeans in black from DECOY and the Cashmere Sweater in grey from SN@TCH. Both are for on system layers.

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