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The Making of a Man!

The Making of a Man!

I don’t have a significant other, partner, mate, or special someone! I don’t have anyone to go to give me a back rub or point out the poppy seeds in my teeth! There’s no one I can count on to leave the toilet seat up or leave the tube of toothpaste squished the wrong way! But if I did….I’d hope that he had Sam Elliot’s voice, Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, Daniel Craig’s butt, and Jon Bon Jovi’s generosity! Oh….and I don’t want to forget, Brad Pitt’s wallet!

So, I’m wearing the Bedazzled Babydoll from Flippant and I have no one to show it too! I’ve flaunted it at a few events around the grid and made sure to look haughty, aloof and a little bit of a bad girl! This outfit, including the shoes, panty and top is available at the current round of SWANK, which runs until March 1st!

The Red hot nail applier is also from Flippant and is the group gift for the month of February! The set contains six different designs and is SLink compatible!

anyBODY is open for business until March 1st and there you’ll find the new skin, Nina, from .::WoW Skins::.! She’s available in six tones, this is the Tan tone!

The Acadia hair from Truth Hair is a total “must have”! It’s at uber until February 23.

I used poses from oOo Studio Poses.

I stayed at home, high on top of my sky tower at Temporia Prime for these pictures!

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