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It Doesn’t Get Duckier Than This!

It Doesn’t Get Duckier Than This!

I’m just hanging out at home….hair washed and bathrobe on…how much better can life possibly get? And to top it off I’ve donned the Duck Slippers from The Happy Hat! The slippers are part of the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt and as soon as you’ve put them on, life becomes a lot more fun! How can anyone have any worries when wearing these insanely bright ducks on one’s feet? In the words of The Happy Hat creator, Rah, “Life can be overwhelming. Why make it harder with vanity. Have some fun. Wear some silly slippers. ” Also, each sale at The Happy Hat helps to keep Rah teaching her community college course on Basic Second Life Skills! For all the slurls and hints for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt visit the blog!

I found the After Shower Lady’s Outfit on Market Place from Miss Canning! It includes the head towel and short robe with eight colour options for each, all on one HUD for easy mix and match!

The Amour skin is the February group gift from .::WoW Skins::.! This is the dark tan tone, but the gift includes all six tones!

This pose is pre-installed on the new and updated LumiPro HUD!

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  1. Thank you for the support ;-D


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