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Daze of the Night!

Daze of the Night

The day always seems so much brighter after a night of peaceful sleep! I’ve suffered from insomnia for most of my life and have had those days where coherent thought is completely elusive! The nights where a person struggles to get to sleep, only to awaken after an hour, wide awake and thinking it’s morning! After a few nights in a row of bad sleep, the evening, and impending night, brings a cold fear into me! Wonder if it happens again, how can I get through another day, and be productive, without much sleep, and my ever occurring mathematical equation of….”if I get to sleep right now I’ll have X hours of sleep” and repeating it over and over! So what’s the answer….I’ve tried it all and discovered that if it’s not meant to be…it’s not going to happen! Luckily stress was one of my huge triggers of insomnia, and since I’ve just about eradicated most of it out of my life, the severity isn’t as bad and it’s less frequent. The number one thing that gets a person closer to sleep is to read before shutting the lights out! A good book does wonders for relaxing the mind and making sleep possible!

I’m decked out in the complete Oh Good Goth outfit from Flippant! The outfit consists of a huge amount of items including the top, skirt, boots, necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and a tattoo for the shoulder that comes in tattoo layers and also appliers for the Belleza, SLink, and Maitreya mesh bodies! The top and skirt come in five sizes with an alpha, but I’m wearing it on the Maitreya Lara mesh body with success! It’s all HUD driven with lots of options and it all looks fantastic!

The Irene skin from .::WoW Skins::. is exclusive to the new round of Designer Circle! It comes in six tones with two cleavage options. This is the Bronze tone for that sun kissed look!

The anniversary round of Shiny Shabby is on and I have to say, Oh….My….Gawd! This gifts are incredible, in quantity and quality! I’m wearing the Lila hair, which is the gift from =DeLa*=. It’s HUD driven with seven vibrant colours and comes with a rigged and a fitted mesh version.

I wish I’d done a super close up of the nails from Dark Passions-Koffin Nails! It’s from the Make a Wish nail applier pack and it includes nine colours! I’ll get you a closer look in the near future!

I’m using one of the pose/props from the Malediction set from Le Poppycock! It’s a pose/prop gacha set that contains props of a cross, a skull, or a gravestone with a chair included for the sitting poses! The pose I used for the full body shot is also from Le Poppycock!

I stayed home with this haunting sky at Temporia Prime for the pictures!

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