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What’ve You Got For Me Today, Life?

What’ve You Got For Me Today, Life?

It’s a new day, and like all the others before it, it has the opportunity to throw a whole bunch of crap at me! So what’s in store for me today! If look back at past experiences I can kind of predict the things that could go wrong today, by what I’ve had happen before! I could over flow the kitchen sink by accident and have water all over the floor! If I leave the yard today in the truck, I could end up in the ditch, only because I tend to go a little too quick when turning corners on icy roads! I could get a flat tire…..but luckily, my past experiences has allowed me to be super fast at changing it! I could take a tumble(I’ve always been such a klutz!) on any one of a number of icy places in the yard that this warm weather has brought about! While baking cookies I could have them end up rolled off the cookie sheet and onto the bottom of the oven, they would then burn to little black puddles! Or, I could run over an air compressor with my truck! Just about anything could happen…either trivial, like the ones I’ve listed here, or more major events that aren’t just a pain in the ass, but are actually dangerous, but no matter what comes my way….I say, “Bring it on!”

I also say to anyone who cares to take a shot at me, “Bring it on!”. I have a really big gun and some incredible poses from Le Poppycock! The Lawless gacha pose/prop set is available at Men Only Monthly and every one of the poses is great! This set shows how adept I really am at handling a firearm!

We’re in the final few days of the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt and I’m wearing the HiTop Sneakers from AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS. There’s a men’s and women’s version in the pack, which costs 10L$ as do all the items in the WAMIMSH! You can find all the hints and slurls on the WAMIMSH blog! The hunt ends February 29!

The Hope skin in Bronze tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and is available at the current round of the Kinky Monthly Event! I’ll show you a closer look in the next post!

The Laced V Cut Leather Pants from LARRY JEANS are perfect for a night out prowling around After The Fall! They come in the pants layer for the classic avatars and also have Omega Appliers for the mesh bodies! The pack contains six colours!

Also at Men Only Monthly is the No.Success from NO.MATCH! This isn’t shown very well here but I will be wearing it again and will give you a better look at it!

I love the Inermis Sleeves tattoo from Letis Tattoo Culture. The pack has four ink tones and comes in two system layers and also contains appliers for Omega, Belleza, Lolas Tango, SLink Physique and TMP!

The Leather Bustier is from Blueberry!

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