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Always Be Yourself!

Always Be Yourself!

Unless you can be a pirate,
Then always be a pirate!!

Some day’s events are just asking to be made into a blog post! Today is one of those for me! I started my morning off needing to find a pirate ship or some kind of boat, so I did a quick search and off I went to the Blake Diego Seaport, home of Puerto Diego, the centerpiece for the Blake Sea Battle Group. I found an extremely nice ship, it had all that I needed for some photos, but, it wasn’t going to be that easy! I was approached by a member of the Coast Guard! Yea…..I had no idea there was a coast guard in SL. Anyway, he was quite foreboding and stern in his approach and said that I had illegally moored the boat and then added, “Oh…by the way….are those cannons registered?” I had no idea what to reply with so I just told the truth…..”hey…it’s not even my boat!” Well, he threatened me with major fines, which of course I couldn’t pay, or he said we could work out an arrangement! Yea….like I trust that!! I saw what his game was……there was no way I was going to get into that kind of “arrangement”….I told him he could do his worst and I wasn’t going to comply! He brought in reinforcements but that didn’t scare me! So what happened next….you might ask? Well, after a lengthy pause, as we both stared each other down, me with complete defiance, him with open hostility, the moment of tension came to an end and he said, “I’m just funnin’ with ya, all I could do is give you a stern instant message and report you to LL….if you were causing a problem!”

So, you may have noticed that I’ve had a little health trouble since you last saw me! Luckily my leg is all healed up and looks good, except my leg is now about 3 inches shorter than my other leg! But, I’m still mobile and it adds a little bit mystery to me! The Admiral Lenore gacha set, available now over at the new round of the Arcade Gacha Event, is from *Tenacio*. I’m wearing the Lenore Dress in purple, the necklace, the cuffs and the RARE Prosthesis Leg from the set, which also includees a pipe and a hat. The necklace and cuffs are incredibly detailed with all kinds of steampunky gears and chains! Incredible set, really! I got into the Gacha Gallery, for some cam shopping, on the first try yesterday, but you can also try the main Arcade area too.

I chose one of the 35 options from the Dark Weep, Gloss nail applier set from Hello Dave! The huge range of colours per palette is incredible, so you can’t lose with a nail applier from Hello Dave.

The Lieke hair is from Mina Hair and is released in a new pack of colours for the MIX EVENT!

The Hope skin in Milk tone is from .::WoW Skins::. and available at the current round of the Kinky Monthly Event!

Poses by Le Poppycock.

Lighting by LumiPro, hands and feet are SLink and my mesh body is Maitreya Lara.

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