What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Caution: Inventory Overload!!

Caution: Inventory Overload!!

I remember a day, way back when I was a mere yearling here in Second Life, when I was shocked and in awe of my sister’s inventory that had hit 65,000 items! I couldn’t believe that anyone could collect that many items in their inventory! At that time, I think I had about 6,000 items and hadn’t yet developed a system for organizing my inventory…I didn’t really need it at that time! When I hit 8,000 I thought I better start getting a handle on things and started adding folders! So, I began folders with names like dresses and shorts and tops! I went with that for quite awhile, until I realized that that wasn’t really going to work for me! Last year I got determined to organize better and instead go with store names! Then, if I was ambitious, I could do sub folders separating the items within the store folders. Well, after doing a lot of half-a**ed work on ye olde inventory, I now have it half way between store names and the names of the clothing items. I’ve just kept adding to it and now just have a mess of 95,019 items all kind of mushed together..and randomly in some areas! And my objects folder….after a trip to the Arcade is about as long as my arm….and then some! So….in Second Life, as in real life, I collect, and I save, and I store away for later….which never really comes because I’ve forgotten I even have it!

So today I have a cute little outfit just right for whatever is going on in your day! I’ll start with the nails, because they’re awesome! The Spring Silver Unique from -{ZOZ}- is, like it’s name implies, unique! This set is intended to make one of your nails a solid silver and the remainder of your nails one of the nine colour options in the HUD! You can make more than one finger unique with the SLink hands, but Maitreya is limited to the ring finger! These are available at the current round of Cosmopolitan!

I have to admit I was a little surprised when I went to find The Dressing Room Fusion! It’s not there! The newest version of this “must do” sales event is now simply The Dressing Room and the deals are just as good as ever, and with even more designers than before! I picked up this cute little dress from Fishy Strawberry which can be worn with or without the skirt, so it doubles as a top! The Birthday Girl Dress, in Dusty Blue, is HUD driven with eight colour options for the skirt, if worn!

My trip into the new round of the Arcade Gacha Event was so simple this time around! I made a few tries at the Oksana Heels gacha from Ingenue and ended up with the “steel” colour! There’a surprising little addition to these shoes! They’re HUD driven with your choice of fit, for your specific feet! they’re compatible with SLink, Belleza and Maitreya!

The Olivia skin in Tan tone is from .::WoW Skins::.! I haven’t mentioned it in awhile…..but there’s a bunch of great lucky boards there with quick turnover…so it’s the perfect place to get some quality skins, on the cheap!

The Doutzen hair from =DeLa*= is a super nice style! This is from the Amazing Pack!

Take a moment to have a look at the Firefly Shelters at my feet! This is the group gift right now at Bokeh! They have a land impact of 3 and are super original!

The poses are from the Ruby pack from .mien..

I stayed at home on my deck at the gorgeous Summerwind South sim!

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