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Please Excuse My Lack of Creativity!

Please Excuse My Lack of Creativity!

I’ve had one of those days that my Mum would describe as, “my thumb up my bum and my mind in neutral”! I’ve had no deep thoughts, no thought provoking questions that I ask myself, and I’ve not had any earth shattering news that might jolt me out of it! So, the possibility of me coming up with an intriguing, entertaining, or even a topic that’s not boring for this post is a little beyond my skills today! So….please read on, knowing that I’m sorry I’ve had nothing mildly interesting to talk about!

But, I know that Second Life fashion will completely steal the show on this post and you’ll be riveted by my beauty!

I’ll start of with the Audrey Dress from Stories&Co. by Flowey! It speaks of warm spring days with soft breezes making the awakening earth come alive! It comes in ten colours, including lovely pastels, classic solids, and some pretty prints! It comes in four standard sizes plus versions compatible with Maitreya and SLink Hourglass and Physique! It’s available at the current round of Collabor88, which is far enough past it’s opening days that getting in shouldn’t be an issue!

I want to mention the poses early on to remind everyone that the Pose Fair 2016 is on until March 26, and it’s so worth the trip! All kinds of exclusives from all the best pose makers on the grid! Today I’m using three of the eight poses from the .049-.056 pack from [atooly]. Nice…aren’t they?

The Yasmine skin in Tan tone is the exclusive at the Skin Fair 2016 from .::WoW Skins::.!

The Kaisia Boots from Mutresse are a little different from most above knee boots! They comes in five sizes, plus Belleza, SLink and Maitreya(including auto hide) versions! They make me look like I have legs up to my neck! Wait…oh…….that would be weird!!

The Doutzen hair is from =DeLa*=.

The Teardrop Turtle, Black-RARE is from Maxi Gossamer Jewllery, and can be found in the gacha area upstairs!

I’m posing with the front door prop called Jan Juan-green from Exposeur Props & Poses!

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