What a Beautiful Mess!

A virtual girl's guide to Second Life fashion!

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Everybody’s got a secret, Sonny,
Something that they just can’t face,
Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it,
They carry it with them every step that they take.
Till some day they just cut it loose
Cut it loose or let it drag ’em down,
Where no one asks any questions,
or looks too long in your face,
In the darkness on the edge of town.

~Darkness on the Edge of Town~ by Bruce Springsteen

I have a secret! I’m sure everyone has at least one thing that no one knows! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m older than anyone might think! Oh….and this isn’t my natural hair colour! But I don’t think anyone would suspect either of those, so don’t tell anyone! Those aren’t really anything that would drag me down so I’m not too worried about anyone finding out. I don’t have any real big ones that I’d be devastated if anyone found out, I haven’t killed anyone, I don’t have a partner that I could cheat on and try to keep hidden. I don’t have a drinking problem that no one knows about and I’m not any kind of “maniac”, nympho, pyro, or klepto, or otherwise! But, I do know that Bruce has it right when he says, “you have to cut it loose or let it drag you down!”. Nothing good can come from secrets!

I know there are no secrets kept in Second Life! I’m sure everyone is completely open and truthful about who they are and would never try to mislead anyone. Well, I can’t speak for anyone other than myself on that one! 🙂

A new release from {MYNX} is the stylish and comfy Side Split Dress! It’s a nicely textured knit for a great casual look! It comes in seven colours, in packs of two- a solid and a striped version, and each pack comes with five standard sizes plus SLink and Belleza compatible. I’m wearing one of the standard sizes with my Maitreya Lara body while using just a few alphas. The Side Split Dress is available at The Black Dot Project until April 4.

The Lolly Platform Stilettos, for the SLink high feet, are a nice stylish shoe from Slipper Originals! It’s simple styling can accentuate any outfit with twenty solid colours and two areas of customization. Another huge bonus is it’s price!

It’s right around half time at the current round of Cosmopolitan and the Watercolor Polish from -{ZOZ}- is there in all it’s glory! The pack has nine stunning colours to pick from and is compatible with SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, Omega and the -{ZOZ}- mesh nails. The HUDs can be purchased as a fatpack or individually!

The Aradia hair is from EMO-tions.

My skin is Yasmine in Tan tone from .::WoW Skins::.. It’s available at the Skin Fair 2016.

The Paper Airplane-RARE pose prop is available at the Pose Fair 2016 from ASO!.

I’m at the ever lovely Garlic Breath at Melee Island for these pictures, Home of Bokeh and even.flow!

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