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Just Another Day in Paradise!

Just Another Day in Paradise!

It’s already three weeks into March and we’ve been blessed with nice mild weather! So mild, in fact, that last week it was short sleeves weather with a nice warm southern breeze! The mildness of the month so far has gotten everyone all excited about spring being here for real and that winter’s all done! But, lo and behold, today has brought winter right back in full force! It was quite breezy most of the day, an “ill wind” as Grandad would have said, it started snowing a couple hours ago and now I can’t see the back field! Which is my measurement on how much it’s snowing! I knew that spring wasn’t here, heck, Canadian prairie weather is so unpredictable that we can get snow as late as early June…so to think spring is here in early March is just silly! Silly I say!! 🙂

I want to start off with the poses here, as with it being Tuesday tomorrow, you can pick up the Robin Pose Set from Verocity at Hello Tuesday at the Cosmopolitan sim! The pack has six really nice poses, all unique from each other for a wide range of uses and it’ll cost you a mere 25L$!!

I’m not sure if you know this, but, the Wash Cart Sale is on until the end of the month and the theme is Spring Freshness! More Than Ever is participating and there’s some steals to be had! The Early Days of Spring Dress in Sun and the Daisy Chain Sandals in white are both there! Each designer has items for 10L$ plus one item at 50L$! Which is such a good deal!! I dare anyone to be grumpy while wearing this outfit!!

The Hello Dave VIPs have a new gift to go grab!! The My Night VIP palette is out for the grabbing! It has five nice designs to pick from, and it’s free for the VIPs! There’s also some nice new releases too!

I found a new to me skin while shopping yesterday! TULI has a sale on the older skins in the Pearl, Powder, and Petal tones. Each tone comes with five different make ups and also dimple versions…which is nice. I’ll show a close up in a future post!

The Eva hair is from Mina Hair. I came across the Hair Fair 2015 gift from NO.MATCH in my inventory, so I donned the adorable NO.Dandelion from last year!

I’m hanging out at Maison de L’amitie for these pictures.

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