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The Language of Farming!

The Language of Farming!

You all know that I was raised on a farm and my heart has been here all my life! I’m now living my dream, back on the farm, doing what I love! I have a few cows, and a few chickens….but I’ve had horses and pigs and turkeys and a goat in the past, so I do admit I know a little bit about livestock and farming. The thing I ponder now and then is, what do non farm people think when they hear farming terminology! One normal topic of conversation around here is that one of my cows is coming in heat and that I have to breed her. It’s straight to the point, it’s just nature….right? My latest large purchase here is an incubator! I do believe that there should never be a word that ends in ‘bator’! It’s just wrong! It can sound obscene even though all I plan on doing is hatching some eggs. I’m not the master of this ‘bator’!! The eggs from my chickens are fertile, since I have Rusty to take care of business! He’s a busy guy with 13 hens to service! Oh yea….no matter what the animal species ‘to breed’ is called ‘servicing’! So when you take your car for a service do you really want to hang around and watch?

My look today is of a carefree farm girl that just wants to have some fun. I’m hanging out in the very cool Down on the Ranch barn from Jian that I got with a gift card, which I won for being in the SeraphimSL group! I never thought I’d win, but I did! You get to select one store from a list of about a dozen and the gift is a 500L$ gift card! I chose Jian for this barn! I’ll be showing more of it in the future!

The Boho Romance Dress from More Than Ever is the latest group gift and can be picked up at the main store! The group is free to join and has a new group gift very regularly! It comes in five standard sizes, but I’m wearing it over the Maitreya Lara body with ease!

The Dreamer palette of nail appliers is a free gift at the Hello Dave main store! There’s no group needed to pick up this little piece of pedi art! It has five designs and fits right in with my love for anything ‘bird’!

The Yasmine skin in Bronze tone is from .::WoW Skins::..

The Cavalry Boots from !APHORISM! are one of my favourites! I love the casual slouchy look that only lots of wear and love can make!

The Dova Body Tattoo is from Natti’s Tattoo. I’m just wearing the upper part, but it is a full body tattoo. It comes with four ink tones, has tattoo layers for the classic avi’s and also is Omega compatible! All the tattoos in the store are 50L$ each or 45L$ for group members. The group is free to join!

The MINAMI hair with cowboy hat is from Argrace! This is the only time I wear a cowboy hat. I’m more of a ball cap type of girl!

Poses by flowey.

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