A Friday Morning Question

A Friday Morning Question

Here’s a question for all you bloggers out there! How do you write a happy blog post when you’re not happy? I’ve been a little down lately with a few real life things going on, but I don’t want my being down end up in my blog posts! Even though I did just that!! 🙂

I generally like to try to keep blog posts relevant and interesting, even though I sometimes fail miserably, but no one wants to hear about high anxiety issues, how sad a person feels, or anything that’s too gloomy! Gloomy can be artistic, but mine is never that…it’s just a downer! So, I’ll just say that I’m in a little bit a funk right now, that will hopefully pass soon so I can get back to some somewhat chuckle worthy content!

Whether you’re happy or sad, it never matters when a great tattoo is the topic! The Tree of Growth Tattoo is from Pimp My Sh!t and it’s the perfect tattoo for me! You know I love birds, and trees and tattoos, and this one has it all! I used to wear one a little similar way back in the early days of my Second Life. It’s stunning, and what I like to call “HUD wearing worthy”! You know, when you just don’t bother taking the HUD off so you can add it to any outfit easily!

Here’s a close up of the Debby skin in Milk tone I had promised! It’s a nice simple face that works well! Debby is the exclusive for the current round of Designer Circle from .::WoW Skins::..

I want you to take a real close look at the Pentagram Pendant from lassitude & ennui! It’s beautifully detailed and it’s available right now at We ❤ Roleplay and comes in four metals with each version having a colour change stone with six colours to choose from.

The Azaria Silver Polish nail applier pack is a pretty bunch of pedicures! It’s from -{ZOZ}- and available at the current round of reVamped! It’s compatible with SLink, Maitreya, Omega and -{ZOZ}- mesh nails! reVamped runs until April 20.

It seems like anytime I head over to the Market Place for a specific item, DRBC has it! The Bandeau Suspension Top is exactly what I was looking for and I found it here! Did you know that DRBC stands for Deathrocker Bettie Crocker, bet ya didn’t!

This older maxi skirt is the Revati Silk Skirt in black from SN@TCH!

The Tamara hair is from KoKoLoReS!

The Luminous, Dark Chocolate mesh eyes are from Mayfly!

Poses by Le Poppycock.

I’m standing on the front step of Pimp My Sh!t for these pictures!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “A Friday Morning Question”

  1. I think as it’s your personal blog you should definitely let us know how you’re feeling. Keep it somewhat professional but also ask advice. Everyone has an opinion so why not use this medium to get it!

    We all have our ups and downs so never feel alone or be afraid to ask for help 🙂 ^ Like you just did right there. ((hugs))


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