Being Busy Isn’t Always Being Productive!

Being Busy Isn’t Always Being Productive!

The weather is fine and it seems spring has arrived earlier than usual, so with spring comes a few more things to do! I’m a pretty active person, being busy with all my little projects, but saying I’m ‘busy’ is one thing I don’t like to do! Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive! I have projects that start and end, usually with the seasons, so when I say I’m busy, I am…..but it’s not all the time! I try to get all I can done, and whatever I don’t get to today will have to wait until tomorrow! Unless it’s my cow having her calf, the eggs in the incubator hatching, or the seedlings in the greenhouse! Those things don’t wait for anything!

This outfit is all about the tentacle! I said, “tentacle”….not “testicle”! That’s a whole different ball game! Ha…pun intended! Ok….I’ll stop the tom-foolery! Pimp My Sh!t has a bunch of great new tattoos out on the grid, in a couple events, and the Octopus Back Tattoo is one of my new faves! It’s available at the BODYFY event, which runs until April 19! The tattoo comes with three ink tones and comes in the tattoo layers for the classic avatar and also appliers for TMP and Omega! The PMS group is definitely a must-join with all the group gifts available at the main store!

The Dread Pants are a new release from KRALUS! And they are a great looking pair of pants! They come in packs of two pair, a solid colour and a dual tone pair! This is the dual tone Chrome! They come in a whack of different colours and come in five sizes plus fitted versions for all the major mesh bodies!

The Cthu Shues from De La Soul are something…aren’t they? They’re materials enabled and with advanced lighting enabled they have a gorgeously wet and bumpy look! They’re HUD driven and the shoes come with the basics colour pack, but there’s all kinds of other colour HUDs available to purchase separately. The pack also includes a couple of chest to sit on and one for decor!

I’m wearing the RARE necklace and earrings from the Octopus gacha from [Since 1975]! The gacha is at the current round of The Season’s Story!

Omega Republic runs until April 21 and the Relitha skin is exclusive to the event from .::WoW Skins::..

The Black Short Top is from Corvus!

The Samira hair is from [RunAway Hair]. I used the Monumentum hair base from Aitui with the hair.

Poses by flowey! BTW….flowey has moved and is having a clearance sale at the temporary location! All poses, including gacha are on sale until April 25!

I ventured out into the artistic part of Second Life and found Queen’s Gambit Declined by Rebeca Bashly. It’s really an amazing piece of work! The pictures are taken inside the heart of it all! Literally!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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