How Are Ya?

How Are Ya?

We’re a nice people, us Canadians! We’re just so damn polite! But, there’s one thing that started happening a bunch of years back that irks me! The basic ‘hello’ greeting, that is such a standard, has now become, ‘hey…how are ya?’! It may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, it’s just a simple question that doesn’t require much thought into an answer, but there’s a few things one needs to know! Firstly, the question does NOT require a truthful answer. The asker doesn’t want to know that your cat has worms and your late on your house payment! Also, it’s a question that is said without any thought or care of what the answer will be! Most of the time they’re not asking because they care…it’s just something one says! Case in point…..I’m sitting in the little room waiting for the doctor to arrive. I’m there because I obviously need to see the doctor, otherwise why would I be sitting in that room! The doctor knocks and slips in and says, “Hello…how are you?” Now….it’s a tad confusing because I’m obviously not ‘fine’! I’m at the doctor’s office….so what’s the right answer to this? Do I start in on my rehearsed presentation on why I need to see the doctor or do I remain a polite Canadian and say, “I’m good…how are you?” Well, I usually go with the second option. I’m then hoping that the doctor will ask what has brought me here! Which they usually do! But, it could all be so easy if everyone just said, ‘hello’!! It requires nothing in return other than the same back, it’s stress free, and it negates the risk of getting an honest answer from people that misunderstand the whole concept! So…if you see me somewhere…just hanging out shopping or something…say hi…but please…please….leave it at that!

I’m going to start off this tour of Second Life fashion with a stop at nails on my very casual SLink hands! The Moss Gloss nail appliers from Hello Dave is one of my new favourites! I love green and the moss shades are particularly fetching to me! BTW….a new VIP group gift has been released so stop in a grab it!

The Heritage Tattoo is an intricate design for the chest and arms from Pimp My Sh!t!  The PMS tattoos come with the tattoo layer for classic avatars plus applier HUDs for Omega and TMP,  with three ink tones to select from! For the Heritage Tattoo along with a whole lot of other goodies check out the PMS main store!

The Hand Stitched Leather Leggings from lassitude & ennui are perfect for any type of outdoor activities!  They’re soft yet durable and look great, especially with boots!  They come in the pants layer for classic avi’s plus appliers for SLink and Maitreya!

I’d like to show off one of my latest purchases that were hugely extravagant for me!  The Moccasin Boots from Maitreya were way over my budget, but I justified it by saying I’d wear them all the time!  So be prepared to see these babies with just about everything else I blog!  JK!!

The Mary hair is a collaboration between Mina Hair and !APHORISM! and it’s a match made in heaven!  The stylish hat is HUD driven with four colour options and the hair comes in packs of five!  Mary is a gacha which premiered at the last round of The Seasons Story but will likely be in the main stores now.

The Esther skin in European tone is from DeeTaleZ.

The Staley Top is from Vinyl.

Poses by the lovely Olivia from Le Poppycock!

A trip to Hazardous is always good for the soul!






Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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