I’m Hosting a Garden Party

I’m Hosting a Garden Party

As you’ve probably noticed I have no guests attending my garden party! It’s ok, though! I much prefer it that way! As most introverts know, most parties are best when attended only by oneself! I’d never host one! At least when I attend someone else’s party I can bail out on it at any time, but when hosting I can’t just kick everyone out when I’m ready to be alone again! Well, I could but I’m not sure everyone would understand! So I’m going to sit here and fill my face with pizza, washed down with cola, and enjoy my alone time!

The Garden Party set is an exclusive to The Pose Hop from -terra design-. The Pose Hop is a new event that features designers of poses and props have an exclusive item and an item on sale for each round at their main store! The theme for May is ‘Celebrations’ and there’s lots to celebrate in the coming months! The Garden Party set includes table, chairs, and pizza and cola! The chairs dispense items to hold, be it pizza or a drink, and the poses are adjustable!

The newest round of Collabor88 is on and Stories&Co. by Flowey has really nice shorts and tops for the occasion! The Ash top and shorts come in lots of colours and are fitted for SLink(both Physique and Hourglass) and Maitreya mesh bodies!

The Prayer Bead necklace and bracelet are from Anachron and available at the current round of GEN-Neutral! They come in five colours with large and small sizing, this is the Lotus Seed colour!

Have a close look at my lovely face take note of my subtle but gorgeous eye shadow! It’s from the Late Night Shadow pack from Veechi and it’s available at the Dark Style Fair 3, which runs until June 4. Veechi has this and a few other exclusives to the event and they’re all well worth the trip to the Dark Style Fair 3!!

As you may have noticed when looking at my eye shadow, I’ve gotten a new head! How often would you hear that in real life?? It’s the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Lab and she’s so pretty! Nelly is from a gacha at the main store and I scored the RARE Emotions head, so I can smile, frown and pout….just what every woman needs to be able to do!

A lot of excitement was going on in the first two weeks of May, all concerning the impending Luxe Box releases! I joined in to check out what might be on offer! I wasn’t disappointed, either! I’ve donned the Luxe Box hair from Magika Hair and it’s simply gorgeous! I love a playful ponytail or two!

My gorgeous surroundings for this poorly attended, yet fun garden party is Garlic Breath at Melee Island! It’s one of the few lands that you can rezz items at, but please pick up after yourself!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “I’m Hosting a Garden Party”

  1. Yay, Introverts unite! ♥ You look sooooo gorgeous, Liz! And since I don’t want to crash your party, leave a slice of pizza for me on your doorstop and I’ll just tiptoe over and sneak away before you see me? 😉


    1. Thank you, Ever! Can you imagine a party for all the introverts! Not much conversation going on I bet…and it would be over super early!! I did leave a piece of pizza for you, but I bet it’s stale by now! Or someone else stole it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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