My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

I’ve always wondered what that really meant, but I encountered the phenomena a few years back when I had a scary moment! I live alone, and for anyone who’s never pondered it, if something happens, there’s no one there to hear you scream! Literally! So, I sit down with my supper of new, fresh from the garden, potatoes…topped with butter and a little season salt, and I’m anticipating the glory of the new potato! For anyone who’s had the pleasure, you know what I mean! Anyway, I’m sitting in my chair, feet up, watching a bit of TV and as I take a bite a small ball of potato goes down the wrong way and lodges there! I didn’t know that you can’t cough it out! You can’t draw breath to cough! I sat up in alarm…not being able to inhale, and not being able to exhale, and at that moment all the triumphs, failures, and major events from my life all came to me at once! I saw myself in the past, but knowing that within moments I’d have no future! While I sat upright, alarmed, doing nothing to try to save myself, for some reason it dislodged on it’s own and went hurtling through the air, to land on the carpet near the TV! I start breathing, shaky but alive and Niles(my wonderful old pooch whom I lost last fall), who had come over to my chair to see what’s wrong, went to the little ball of potato, gave it a sniff and promptly ate it! He never could pass up a free treat! Anyway, that’s my story!

I’m really pleased with how this all turned out! I’ll start with the Darcy Top from .HollyWeird.! It’s available at the Dark Style Fair 3, which runs until June 4, and comes in five standard sizes, with an alpha, and also fitted versions for Maitreya(seen here), Belleza, TMP, and the SLink mesh bodies! The Cruz Lip Piercing is also an exclusive to the event and if you get in close on flickr, you can see it’s wonderfully dark beauty!

Veechi is also at the Dark Style Fair 3 with four great new items! I’m wearing one of the nine options from the Umbra Dusk Shadow! It’s comes in the tattoo layer for classic avatars, plus appliers for the Lelutka, Catwa, Logo and Genesis Lab mesh heads. I’m wearing the Nelly head from Genesis Lab here! If you get in close you’ll also catch a glimpse of one of the ten colours from the Somber Matte nails, also at the Dark Style Fair from Veechi!! They’re compatible with Maitreya, SLink and Omega!

The Pose Hop is in it’s first round and it’s shaping up to be a complete success! I’m using a couple poses from the Celebrating Bodies male pose set, which is exclusive to The Pose Hop from Pose It! The Pose Hop gets a pose shopper out and about to the main stores of participating designers to see what they have to offer! There’ll be an exclusive item and an item on sale for each round! The theme for the first round is ‘Celebrations’, and with summer almost here there’s lots of celebrations going on!

The Darkness Surrounding tattoo is an epic work of art from Pimp My Sh!t!! I wasn’t able to show off the back as well as it should be, the arms and chest are stunning! It comes in the tattoo layer, in three ink tones, for the classic avatars, plus has appliers for Omega and TMP!

I love the Raven Leather Gloves for the SLink casual hands from RealEvil Industries! They’re HUD driven with lots of colour and metal options and can really add some attitude!!

The Dread Pants are from KRALUS! They come in packs of two solid colour and one dual tone!

The Meadow Heels are from NoName!

The Boys & Girls hair 42 is from Dura.

The pose I used for the head shot is from HelaMiyo!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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