Human Race

Human Race

Knocked me down and I got back up
And i got myself
Back in the race again
Knock me down, and i’ll get back up
And i’ll get myself
Back in the race again

from the song ‘Human Race’ by Red Rider, written by Tom Cochrane

What sad times these are for the human race! The unending hate, violence, and intolerance has made it hard for people to remain positive and optimistic about the future! Where does it end? How bad will it get? Who’s the next target? I’m so lucky to live in a fairly peaceful area, but, I’ll never say it won’t happen here! Anything could happen anywhere! Now is the time to remain vigilant about seeing the good everywhere around us, and being grateful for what we do have…..see the beauty…not the ugly! I don’t mean be oblivious of reality….just don’t be dragged down with it all…..when we live with hate……we’ve become them!

I look like I have a bad attitude in these shots, and that’s what I’m really loving about the mesh head phenomena, that I’m about a year behind in embracing! I’ve adopted the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs as the new me and I don’t think I look like everyone else…I think I’m just me! But, back to the bad attitude! I’m really still the peace loving, people pleasing and sensitive woman that I’ve always been, I just like to put on a face that reflects one of the hundreds of emotions that I experience every day! The Rock Attitude Fair 3 runs until June 18 and I’ve donned the entire Gwen outfit from [E]legance! It has lots of parts to make it a complete look and it fits six sizes and the TMP mesh body, with shape provided! The Gwen Heels fit the Slink high feet! There’s lots of options for the entire look and it all adds up to an, “I don’t give a ****!” look! Love it!!

Also, if you zoom in on the necklace, sorry I didn’t add a closer look at it, but, it’s at the Rock Attitude Fair 3 from Indulge Temptation!. The Just Cross Me 3 necklace is HUD driven with three areas to customize with twenty four colour options and also has ten metals options! It can look any way you need it to!!

I’ll get you to zoom in again on flickr(just click on the photo in the blog) and take a look at my nail appliers! They’re from the Body Art ll Hunt and available at !cream spaghetti hair!. The hunt runs until the end of the month and every hunt item is free! The hint for the lovely Denim Print SLink nail applier fatpack is, “I’m relaxing at the corner of the room!”.

The Beetle Tattoo is from Pimp My Sh!t and I love the detail of it! I love how it shows off a bare midriff! Its compatible with the classic avatars, plus the Omega system and the TMP mesh body and the pack contains three ink tones!

The Jin hair is from KoKoLoReS and is on sale right now at the current round of Hair O Logy!

Poses by -slouch- poses, but unfortunately no longer available!

I found a little empty room up on the top floor on a building at Harfax City Mall for these shots!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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