What’s Better Than Hair Fair 2016?

What’s Better Than Hair Fair 2016?

Absolutely nothing!! I’ve been going to the Hair Fair as long as I’ve had a Second Life and every year is as exciting as the previous one! So, needless to say I’m super excited about Hair Fair 2016! Also, I’m extra pumped to be one of the Hair Fair 2016 Early Access bloggers! Wooo Hooo….lag free hair shopping…here I come!! But, before we get to the opening of it, there’s lots of stuff to do to prepare!

First off, the Hair Fair 2016 Photo Contest is open to everyone! Just create a picture featuring hair from one of the participating designers and in the theme of ‘Whatever the Weather’! You can get all the information, including rules and all the prizes to be won here! There’s lots of great prizes, so get going on your photos!!

The second thing to get going on is picking up a Bandana Kit! It’s free for anyone who wants to try their hand at creating an original Bandana to be sold at the Hair Fair 2016 to raise money for Wigs for Kids! All the information can be found here. I’d love to try to create a Bandana, but, I know I don’t have the skills needed! I should try to learn and maybe I could make one for next year!

I know everyone looks forward to the annual Hair Fair….and everyone should! It makes an avatar feel all warm and fuzzy….knowing you’re getting great hair….AND…supporting a great cause!!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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