Roll away the dawn,
Roll away the dawn, and let me see,
The land of the free,
Has anything changed at all;

Sweet liberty,
Sweet liberty is in our hands,
It’s part of the plan,
Or is it a state of mind?

Horses and men,
Horses and men are on the field,
They didn’t yield,
Many have fallen here;

Never forget,
Never forget what they have done,
The time will come,
When it will change again,
Never forget!

‘Liberty’, from the album, ‘The Getaway’ by Chris De Burgh

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians, although it’s somewhat late…it’s from my heart! And Happy Fourth of July for all my American neighbours!!

I love it when one of my favourite designers releases something that makes me think a little bit more about putting together a photo! This time, Anachron has released the Hoplite Spear and Shield gacha for The Gacha Guardians! I chose the ship shield and the Iron spear(RARE), as they harken back to my Viking roots! The shield can be worn with/without a pose! I added the shield pose to a pose from Verocity, for these looks! The Gacha Guardians is a gacha fair, with each participating store hosting it’s own gacha! It’s a great way to find stores that you maybe haven’t been to before! Also, The Gacha Guardians has a little something extra! If you play ten times on any one machine, you’ll be given a key that can be redeemed for an extra special prize! Anachron’s ‘Gift of the Guardian’ is an Ancient Watchtower… well worth the the extra plays to get the key!!

The Leather Bralette and Skirt are from a gacha at !APHORISM!. I think they really suit my look!

I’ve found that appliers for Genesis Labs mesh heads aren’t that easy to find! But, while perusing Market Place yesterday, I found the Tribal Face Painting from Souls Delirium! It comes with a tattoo layer and appliers for Genesis Labs and Omega! This is in black, but it comes in other colours too…and for a very reasonable price!

I added a little bit of eye shadow from the Romance Me set of shadows from Veechi! One can never go wrong when choosing cosmetics from Veechi……always such great style!

The ‘Breeze’ hair is from ~Tableau Vivant~!

I love the Moccasin Boots from Maitreya! The soft supple suede texture is just perfect! I’m also wearing the Lara mesh body from Maitreya!

The Nelly, Emotions, RARE mesh head is from Genesis Labs and the casual hands are from SLink.

And of course, I’m back at Garlic Breath at Melee Island for the photographs!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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