Everyone Needs a Hand to Hold On To!

Everyone Needs a Hand to Hold On To!

No matter who you are…….it doesn’t matter your age, your occupation, or your gender! Everyone needs a hand to hold on to! Life is to short to not have anyone to share it with! And I don’t just mean a romantic partner…..just having a close friend, sibling, parents, or children…..knowing that someone is there to stand up for you when maybe you can’t do it for yourself! Someone to share the happy times….and to be there for each other through the bad ones! Maybe it’s not always a human hand either! It’s amazing what a close friend of a different species can do to support us mere humans! I have my dogs, cats, cows and yes even my chickens! Although they’re not exactly cuddly!! But, they all play their part in my life…to keep my mind thinking of things that aren’t destructive….to keep me active with their needs, and to see something flourish under my care! So, everyone give a little thank you to the hands you have to hold on to…..like John Mellencamp says….

Don’t need to be no strong hand
Don’t need to be no rich hand
Everyone just needs a hand to hold on to!

A new round of Designer Showcase has started, and I’m wearing a few things featured at it!! First off, exclusive to DS is the Fran Leather Dress from [WellMade]!! It’s HUD driven with 20 colours to choose from and compatible with the SLink mesh bodies and the Maitreya Lara mesh body, which I’m wearing here! It really accents a nice waist and legs and gives a little extra boost to the booty!!

I’ve donned just a few of the items in the Vera Full Jewelry Set from Moondance Boutique! The set is exclusive to the July round of Designer Showcase and includes the lovely necklace, two sets of earrings, two versions of rings(for each hand), and two versions of bracelets(for each wrist)! All of the pieces are colour change via drop down menu with enough colour choices to choke a horse, as we like to say here in my world!!

And, also exclusive to Designer Showcase is the Summersby Nailpolish Set from DaneMarkZ! You can get in to have a closer look on flickr, you have to see how scrumptious this set is!! The set contains ten bright and fruity options for your Omega or Maitreya compatible nails!

The BEGONIA Heels from GLAMISTRY are perfect for this outfit! Their simple lines and smooth texture adds a pop of colour to just about any outfit!! They’re SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya compatible!

The Selma hair is from Catwa!

The Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, Maitreya Lara mesh body, and the casual hands and high feet from SLink are my main body components!

Poses by Label Motion!

I dropped in at the hive mainstore on the Honeycomb sim and made a wrong turn! Ended up finding this wonderful area for the pictures!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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