I Wanna Talk About Me

I Wanna Talk About Me!

I never thought that becoming a Second Life fashion blogger would cause me to become a narcissist! I’m not in real life at all! I don’t wink at myself in mirrors and say, ‘Hey there sexy”! Nor do I try on clothes for hours trying to get the look right! But, get me in-world and it becomes all about me and how I can make myself look good! No…not good…..I want to look great! Thankfully I have a great group of designers that I feature regularly that keep me looking my best! Luckily, all the items I feature can look great on anyone! Not like in real life, when an outfit is modeled by a waif-like girl of 16 that can hide behind a fence post….successfully! When I started blogging I promised myself that I’d only feature items that I love, not just because of who created them…but because they’re incredible creations that deserve to be seen! I want to thank all of my featured designers…..for putting their trust in me that I’d make them look good! I hope I’ve consistently done that! So….with that said….I wanna talk about me now!

Today I’m going to start with the Banjo! Yea…you read that right……I’m holding a banjo and looking for a beach party to join so I can sing and sway to the music, by the campfire! It’s from the La Di Da A set of poses and props from Le Poppycock and available at the current round of Men Only Monthly! The set includes six poses with banjo and stool to add! It’s not just the guys that will want to play a little bit of blue grass, this set can work for the girls too! Men Only Monthly runs until September 15! Just a reminder that Le Poppycock has a new main store and with that comes a great deal on the I Love My Selfie pose with prop set!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love tattoos that include birds….and trees! So, the Back to Roots tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t is perfect for me! It comes in three ink tones and is compatible with classic avatars, Omega compatible mesh bodies, and the TMP mesh body!

The Boys and Girls 70 hair from Dura is a keeper! It’s HUD driven and includes options for the band! It’s available now at the Fetish Fair!

The Sonja top is from RealEvil Industries! It was a gift at an event and I couldn’t find it at the main store…..but holy they have a TON of great stuff there!

I love the High Waisted Shorts from Maitreya! I consider them to be a main stay of my wardrobe that can compliment anything!

The basics of my beauty are the Nelly mesh head by Genesis Labs, the Lara mesh body from maitreya, and the flat feet and casual hands from Slink!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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