What Do I Know?

What Do I Know?

I don’t know much, really! I don’t know anything about physics…except that, what goes up must come down…but I guess that’s only accurate if you’re in place with gravity!! I don’t have a clue about brain surgery, and I don’t think I could learn by watching a couple videos on youtube! I’m a little puzzled about meteorology and the whole predicting the weather thing…..heck….the cows tell me when a storm is brewing and my arthritis tells me if the weather’s going to change…..that’s all I need! I have no idea about big business….but luckily I don’t really give a flying….you know what….about it anyway! I have no idea how the moon creates the tides! Like…nature is amazing and all…but how in the hell does that work? And how do they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar? Will we ever know? It doesn’t much matter to me…..no matter how they do it….they are tasty!!

I’ll add one more thing that I don’t know! I have no idea at all about a kimono!! Nada….zip…..zilch……zero! But, I’ve had to learn quite a bit while donning this fitted Kimono from Anachron, and available at the current round of SaNaRaE, which runs until September 18. The theme this time around is everything Asian, and this is as Asian as you can get! So, the basic kimono can be purchased in it’s entirety, then you can choose all kinds of add ons for it! All parts are very reasonably priced and there’s lots of colours to choose from! I was completely unfamiliar with any of it….but once I decided to just added one of each I learned what worked and what didn’t. I hope I did ok with my styling of it! After a couple searches on the Google I decided to add the Okobo and Tabi shoes, also from Anachron…and available at the main store! They’re nice and high to keep my outfit clean and dry!!

I found the Sakura hair, RARE with the Kokeshi dolls and flowers from Truth Hair and from a gacha from a previous round of The Arcade!

My basics are the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Maitreya, Lara mesh body, and the casual hands from SLink.

I made a trip to Market Place to find some poses for wearing a Kimono and came up with the Kimono Poses 1-5 pack from *coucou*.

I did a little touring around Little Edo to find this spot for the pictures.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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