How I Stopped Worrying About Project Sansar, and Continue to Enjoy My Second Life

How I Stopped Worrying About Project Sansar, and Continue to Enjoy My Second Life

I remember the first time I heard about this new virtual world that was going to replace Second Life! I was like, “WHAT…this can’t be….just when I’ve started to really live!”! I knew of people that were selling land and getting out of any kind of business they were in…and it was like a very near virtual apocalypse! But, over two years later….here we are still discussing the impending start of Project Sansar! Well…my virtual world hasn’t ended…and I’m not going anywhere! I don’t think I’m alone in having an inventory that has gotten large with purchases! You can call them Lindens, moola, or dough….but it comes down to hard cold dollars that I have invested in my 104K plus items! Unless they create a way to transfer my inventory into real life items, I’ll remain a proud and active Second Lifer! You might like to give this article a read about why it makes sense to stay in Second Life and leave Project Sansar to the more advanced gamers who have the equipment and the funds to start all over again!

Ok…ok….first off….don’t look at me yet! Just slowly shift your eyes to the right of me and take a gander at the Celestial Marquee from [QE]! This is quite the piece of wall decor! It comes with three picture options, four frame textures and four light colours! It’s all mesh and copy/mod so you can make lots or resize to meet your needs! Also, while your there check out the Aurora Rug collection. It’s 100% mesh with seven textures, available on touch! These two items can make a great start for a really spaced out room!

If you haven’t heard yet….the September, 2016 round of The Arcade is on now and it’s another good one! Stories&Co. by Flowey has The Weekend Edit set available for your gacha enjoyment! What is The Weekend Edit, you ask? Well, it’s an extensive set of Lazy Sweatshirts for your fall comfort! There’s twenty common and two RARE, and new to The Arcade is a reward for playing the machine 25 times! The reward is exclusive and won’t be available again! So, this edition of The Arcade has three land marks to try, and I was in on the first try the other day. So you can try the main land mark The Arcade, or The Arcade 2, and the Gacha Galley!

You can see a little bit of the perfect Dream Hips Tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t! Drop in at the mainstore to have a better look, it’s well worth the trip! It comes with three ink tones and tattoo layers for the classic avatars plus appliers for Omega and TMP mesh bodies!

I am wearing a little pair of panties with the top! I chose one of the three pair fom the Hipster pack from {MYNX}!

My hair is Boys and Girls 42 from Dura Hair.

My body basics are the Nelly mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara body from Maitreya, and the casual hands and kitten feet from SLink.

My pose is from the Sweet Reverie gacha set from Le Poppycock.

I’m sitting on the Les Pouf, Plum Princess, RARE from Ma Vie.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “How I Stopped Worrying About Project Sansar, and Continue to Enjoy My Second Life”

  1. Sure I’m curious about Sansar but that’s as far as my interest goes. As I said in a machinima I made, “I’ll be in Second Life till they turn the lights off.” Which if LL is sensible will be a lot looooooger.


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