Never Give Up!!

Never Give Up!!

“If you can’t fly, then run,
if you can’t run, then walk,
if you can’t walk, then crawl,
but whatever you do,
you have to keep moving forward!”

~Martin Luther King Jr.~

I think life is a lot like a poker game! Everyone is dealt a hand and we each have to play the hand we’re dealt! If we fold, there’s no winning…..we all just have to keep going! The thing I’ve noticed with cancer is that it seems to only come down to luck with what type a person gets! Yea, we all know about the things that ’cause’ cancer, the statistics are thrown out at us everyday, by one study or another, but what about the people who get cancer that have done nothing to bring it on! My Grandad never smoked, never drank, he ate healthy, and spent his days working hard on the farm, died of cancer! Who can explain that to me? The studies say that a smoker who quits smoking has the lungs of a non smoker after a certain number of years! Then why does someone get lung cancer 30 years after quitting! And some smokers never do get cancer and live to 95! A lot of people say that life isn’t fair! But, what’s fair……who’s to judge…all we can do is play the hand we’re dealt! It’s up to us to support those who’s hand isn’t as good as our own. We’re all here in this world, the least we can do is to live well, laugh often, and love much!

I mention cancer today because the beginning of October brought the start of Rock Your Rack! This event is in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and it’s for bringing light to Breast Cancer Awareness! I’m wearing exclusives to RYR from FLIPPANT, with all sales of these items going towards the cause! The BCA Tank Tops and Capri Pants are available in several colours to choose from and are fitted for mesh bodies and classic avatars! I’ve chosen the tank top that says, “I fight cancer, what’s your super power!” Rock Your Rack runs until October 16!

It looks like I’m running away from things, out on the highway like this! But, I’m actually doing all I can to reach someone that’s in need of help! It’s that feeling of helplessness, while someone fights for life, and it’s all completely out of my control! I chose these poses from one of my favourite pose/prop gacha sets from Le Poppycock! It’s Chasing Dreams and these are some terrific poses if you have a bit of wanderlust!

The Jackson Wedge/Tiptoe Sneakers are from Mesh Agency. They fit SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, and TMP mesh feet, as well as classic avatar feet. They’re HUD driven with lots of colours, too!

The Acorn Necklace in copper is from A*S.

The Berta hair is from Tableau Vivant.

As always, I’m wearing the Nelly 2.0 mesh head from Genesis Labs, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the elegant/bag hands and high feet from SLink.

I’m over at The Open Road in the Island of Sinners sim, for these pictures! It’s really nice there.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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