Hold On Loosely

Hold On Loosely

I had an enjoyable Sunday out in the now unseasonably warm weather here on the prairies! The snow has gone and the combines are back in the field after a month long stoppage! Who would have thought it would be this nice again? Not I! I was enjoying a morning coffee with some people very close to my heart and in the midst of our time together I realized that in life it’s best for one to hold on loosely! I have loved ones that I can’t imagine living without, but at some point I’ll have to! How to prepare for that time, is something I’ve been working on for some time. I try to be mindful about enjoying the moment, to not think about later or worrying about what was. How better to make the most of the time we have, but to enjoy each and every moment given to us, with the people we enjoy spending time with. My visit today was one that will be looked back with great fondness. We laughed and enjoyed our time together just keeping the topics light and, even for awhile, to make it like nothing is wrong. It’s so difficult to do when inside I shed tears for the loss that’s imminent. So I want to hold on to the people close to me now, while they’re with me….but to hold on a little loosely, so that I can overcome the grief of the loss and let them go when their time has come.

In Second Life, as in real life, I love a great pair of jeans! And {MYNX} has released a pair of jeans that’s one of my all time favourites! The Ripped Jeans are at that stage of wear, where they’re the most comfortable they can be, and still look good. They come in six textures, this is the vintage, and are fitted for Maitreya, SLink, Belleza, Tonic, and TMP mesh bodies. These are going to be my go-to jeans…..no question!

You might have noticed I have a different head on today! I bet you’ll never hear that in real life! I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo, and I’ve shosen this mesh head mostly to be able to enjoy the incredible tattoos from Pimp My Sh!t that are Omega compatible. The Artistic Head tattoo is a piece of art on a canvas of skin! It’s soon to be a new group gift, so keep a watch out over at the main store and pick it up when it’s becomes available! It’s Omega and TMP compatible with two ink tones and the choice of with or without a hair base. This is dark tone with the hair base!

The November Mystery Box is now out at Hello Dave and it’s a little treasure trove of exclusives that will only be available for this month. It’s a great bargain with eight mini palettes inside and not to be missed! This is one of the five selections from the Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot pack.

I’ve topped the tattoo and hair base from PMS with the Oakes hair from KoKoLoReS. They’re my go-to store for hairstyles that are a little outside the box!

The Cropped Turtleneck Sweater is a cute little top from {dollie*}. It comes in five standard sizes, but works well with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya(seen here)!

I’ve chosen the Irina skin in pale tone from itGirls. It’s made for the Logo Alex head and comes in three tones.

I’m wearing the Emms Flats from Pure Poison for a simple little shoe to cover my little toes!

Poses by -slouch-poses, but unfortunately no longer available!

I’m at Missing Mile for these shots.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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