It Ain’t Easy!

It Ain’t Easy!

You know…..the life of a Second Life fashion blogger isn’t an easy one! First, you have the work of putting together an outfit, the hardest part of that is making the right choice of shoes! Then it’s thinking of a theme and finding a great venue to take some pictures at. After that, I choose what sort of poses I want to use. Then, for me the most time consuming part is selecting a wind light that is to my liking. After all that is done, I then take the pictures, while trying to make everything look perfect! Well, this post is the most frustrating outfit I’ve EVER done, after over two years of blogging! I got the outfit together easy enough! Next, a place to take pictures….after some searching, a really great dance floor was found. I mean, it’s only common sense, that while wearing pants named Party Leggins it’s mandatory to be out on the town dancing! And then it all went down hill from there! After lots of attempts, I couldn’t get a lighting I liked, or a pose I felt was right, even though I have hundreds in my inventory, literally!! So, I went home and pondered it all! After several cups of coffee I was ready to try again! I went pose shopping to get a fresh outlook on that part of it, then decided to stay home and put up a pose/prop and try it again! I worked at that for some time, with different lighting, poses, and much anguish! And still…nothing that really thrilled me. I went to bed, had a bunch of sleep, and tried it again in the morning! Well, here’s what I ended up with, after over thirty pictures taken and brows forever furrowed in thought! Hand me the wrinkle cream, please!!

Okay, so now on to the meaty part of this post! The December round of Collabor88 is on! It should be starting to quiet down a bit for easier access, and Stories&Co. by Flowey have released this gorgeous outfit for the occasion! It’s the Quinn Shirt and Party Leggins, just perfect for a night out at a Christmas party! The top comes in ten colours and the leggins in five, all perfect for mixing and matching!! They’re compatible with the SLink and Maitreya mesh bodies!

The Charity hair is a new release from Sn@tch!! I love that there’s now hair included in the extensive line of fashion from Ivey Deschanel! Charity has a pretty braid down the back and comes in five colour packs with twelve colours per pack!

The Peace on Earth Hunt 9 is on for the month of December and the Snowflake in a Bottle necklace is one of the great gifts! It can be found at IMaGE Factory! You’ll be looking for a little globe of the earth!

My pose shopping landed me at the main store of HelaMiyo! I love the the diverse collection of poses that Miyoko Magic has created, with some of them just a little bit outside the box!! This is from the Fashion Blogger pack, which includes five poses and their mirrors!

The ROSE Heels from GLAMISTRY are stunning!! When it comes to shoe heaven, GLAMISTRY is it! These are SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya mesh feet compatible!

My complete look starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Irina skin in pale tone from itGirls, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the relaxed hands and high feet from SLink.

I’m in the Clean Scenes, Ladders, RARE pose prop from Exposeur Props & Poses. It contains three poses and mirrors. I don’t think it’s available now, but you can check Exposeur Props & Poses out on Market Place.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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