Nooooo…………Stop the Madness!

Nooooo............Stop the Madness!

Make it stop! I’m so not ready! It’s the last week before Christmas and I just can’t grasp this fact! I haven’t done my baking yet, I haven’t finished my shopping yet, I haven’t even put the Christmas table cloth on, with the little festive candle holders I have! I haven’t wrapped the gifts I do have, and haven’t listened to a Christmas song yet! I think I’m about a month behind. For me, October felt like November and November was October, so this is now November again! How screwed up is that! So tomorrow I’ll finish my shopping and I’ll do my Christmas baking later this week, and I’m going to play all the festive music I can take….and I’ll enjoy it……dammit!

So, all the great new releases from Sn@tch are out on Saturdays and from this latest batch, is the Alexia Velvet Lingerie! It’s compatible with the classic avatars, plus Omega friendly mesh bodies. The pack contains twelve deep dark colours, perfect to seduce Santa……or some other guy!! 😉

The December round of WE♥ROLEPLAY runs until the end of the month, and there’s a ton of gifts for group members out! One of the gifts is the Snowflake Choker from deviousMIND. The gift includes various versions of the choker plus a pair of pretty snowflake earrings!

I’m using a pose from the Good Girl set of poses from Infiniti. The pack contains 8 poses with their mirrors.

I’m in a little corner of the ECO Skybox from Cheeky Pea. Have I mentioned it’s a group gift, and it has a land impact of only 4? I’m beside a bed from a gacha at Death Row Designs, it’s a RARE! The red round rug is from a group gift from DRD, also, but not sure if it’s still available! The reading pile is also from a gacha, but this time from Apple Fall.
The tray with the croissants and hot chocolate are with the Salford Set from Raindale. The set includes this tray, plus a colour change couch and a coffee table.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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