I Completely Get It!

I Completely Get It!

But, I just can’t watch anymore! I’m an overly emotional person, self admittedly, so things bother me, a lot! So, what I’m talking about ‘getting’, is the advertisements to help the starving and sick, and bring awareness to animal welfare! I just can’t watch, not because I don’t want to know about it, but because I care too much about these issues. There’s something inside of me that breaks a little bit every time I see people or animals in distress. If I could save all people and animals from living a life of hell, I would, in a heartbeat! But, I can’t, so if I watch too many of the ads, it’s upsetting for me. I’m sorry for the suffering that goes on in the world, but it won’t be solved by me crying about it. So I say a little prayer for everyone, may the pain and agony end for all who suffer, and everyone live with love in their heart!

KRALUS has released the Jenara outfit, just in time for seasonal parties! It includes the slimming suede skirt with great details on the front, along with the sweater, and boots! The outfit comes in four colour combinations and is fitted for the major mesh bodies. The boots are Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza compatible. Check out KRALUS on Market Place or the main store.

I’m wearing one of the six colours of eyeshadow from the Duotones pack from alaskametro<3! It’s compatible with Omega, Catwa, and Lelutka mesh heads and also the classic avatars.

WE♥ROLEPLAY runs until the end of the month, so there’s still time to pick up the group gifts that are under the trees at the four corners of the area. The Malika Scarf is one of the gifts there, it’s from A:S:S and it goes perfectly with this top. It’s HUD driven with six colours, and gold and silver versions.

And speaking of gifts, On9 has a whole bunch of gifts for group members out! Just join the On9 group and click on the gold stars in each booth! HAYSURIZA has the Mangolia Bangle and Earrings set out as their gift. It’s not a close view but maybe you can zoom in on flickr to get a better look.

The Celeste hair is from +elua+.

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head with the Alexa skin in Honey tone from Sinful Curves. I also use the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the elegant1 hands from SLink.

The pose is from the Be Brave set of poses from don’t freak out!.

I’m at It All Starts With a Smile on the Heavenly Groove sim for the pictures here.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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