Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas To All!

I love writing seasonal blog posts, the topic is obvious, as the title says! Since it’s Christmas eve, I decided to bring all of my animal family inside for this picture! I wanted to keep them close for when they all start talking tonight, as Danish tradition says they do! They all have different personalities and I can just imagine what they’d be saying! I really try to make my animals happy, but I’m sure there’s always one complainer in the bunch! My Second Life animal family is from the Animal Family gacha from Le Poppycock and available at The Liaison Collaborative. I’ll have to send a note card to Olivia Lalonde of Le Poppycock that she needs a more diverse animal family, maybe a cow and a few chickens! She might just tell me to stick it, or she could advise me to get a horse and a reindeer if I’m so worried about making my real life and Second Life animal families more alike! But, no matter who your family consists of, as long as you can be together at this time of year, that’s what’s important!

Merry Christmas to all, may everyone enjoy love, peace, and happiness throughout the season!

About all you can see of me is the Hope Laced Sweater, in red, from SN@TCH.

And of course my face, the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves! The rest of me is there, just just in the shadows!

I’m in the Rakkaus Skybox from Scarlet Creative.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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