All Those Yesterdays

All Those Yesterdays

Don’t you think you ought to rest?
Don’t you think you ought to lay your head down?
Don’t you think you want to sleep?
Don’t you think you ought to lay your head down tonight?

Don’t you think you’ve done enough?
Oh, don’t you think you’ve got enough, well maybe.
You don’t think there’s time to stop
There’s time enough for you to lay your head down, tonight, tonight

All Those Yesterdays, ~Pearl Jam~

You know, everyone can just take a breather…..have a nap……rest a bit! Why do people participate so willingly in the rat race? I look at how people(not everyone) live today and wonder if they realize that they spend five of the seven days of the week waiting! On Monday they ask when is it going to be Friday, they ask it again on Tuesday..and throughout the rest of the work week. If you work odd hours, you’re still just waiting for the days off. So instead of wondering when it’s Friday, maybe say to yourself, it’s Monday…and how can I make this day worthwhile. It’s not about saving the world or anything like that, it’s about the fact that everyone is given a finite amount of time to spend on this earth! So, what happens when you spend the majority of it waiting for the future? The time slips right through your fingers, is what it does! So, enjoy the day, even if you’re at work. I know not everyone has a job they love….but even if it’s not a great job….having a positive outlook can make it better! It’s all about living in the moment! Oh Gawd…I sound like Oprah!! 😛

And now, on with the outfit! I’ll start with Dina Corduroy Mini Skirt from [QE]! This is a great fitting skirt that shows a lot of leg! A lot…so don’t go getting out of cars and stuff with people around! 🙂 It’s HUD driven with ten colours and is compatible with the Maitreya(seen here), SLink, and Belleza mesh bodies. The best part about it is that it’s on sale right now for the Buy Now event that happens every month on Market Place!

The Ginger Hair is a gorgeous hair from Sn@tch! It comes in five packs of colours with each pack holding a dozen colours. This hair also comes in a busty version for the more generously endowed ladies!

The Lace Up Wool Sweater in blue is from Tetra and I was fortunate enough to grab it at a previous Fifty Linden Friday! I love FLF shopping! It comes with a belt which can be attached separately, and I’ve chosen not to wear it here…as you can see! It’ is fitted for the SLink and Maitreya mesh bodies.

I absolutely love the Jones Booties from Ingenue. There isn’t very many shoes for the SLink Kitten feet so when I see them I get a little bit excited….and usually get the fat pack! Since it’s for the Kitten feet it’s only compatible with the SLink mesh feet.

I’m wearing the Ribbon Collar from !nfinity, but you can’t get a very good look…..but it’s really nice! 🙂

I don’t know if you noticed but I stripped off the Alex mesh head to bare my original face, from way back in 2012! I can’t believe I’ll be five at the end of this month. Oh how I feel like a noob, still! But, I kept my Maitreya, Lara mesh body and the hands and feet from SLink. I’m wearing the Everly skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves!

The poses are from Le Poppycock! I’ll have a new release to show you in the next day or two, it’s the opening day of the January round of The Chapter Four, and you won’t be disappointed in what Le Poppycock has to offer!

It’s going to be an early spring at the Maple Leaf Cafe on the Fairy Tale sim! Thankfully!! I stopped in to sit awhile to ponder life and found this little cozy hideaway! The Fairy Tale sim is also home to Raindale!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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