We Are One

We Are One

We breathe the air, slowly, gently;
to feel alive in it’s purity.
Is it not for everyone?

The soil lives, growing and nurturing,
the sustenance that the future depends,
To give it’s bounty, meant for everyone.

The water flows, winding it’s way to the oceans,
while it returns to the heavens,
to begin the cycle, anew.
For all should have their thirst quenched and their souls cleansed.

The breeze slips over skin,
freeing the spirit and renewing the energy within.
Whispering it’s presence in it’s soft and lilting voice;
The wind is for all who lift their face to take it’s strength.

We are bonded, you and I.
We are one, to share the burdens throughout our lives.
Take away this living and breathing shell in which we live, for
~We Are One~

TinLiz Winterstorm 01-07-2017

I’d like to thank Green Adder of IMMERSIV for making this Eddie Vedder inspired pose for me! I’ve always been taken with it and am very thankful to be able to bring it to life in Second Life!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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