Sometimes All I Wanna Do,

Sometimes All I Wanna Do,

…….is stand here looking pretty! That’s the joy of Second Life, I can have absolutely no purpose other than to be pretty! Oh, and most days it’s not too hard to do! I have over 113K items in my inventory, so there’s a lot of nice things to wear, I have a great hairdresser…or fifty, and there’s never anything to mess up the outfit! I can garden and not get any dirt on me, unless I apply it myself, I can run across a sim and not break a sweat, and I wake up in the morning looking as fantastic as when I went to bed the night before! Yes, life in the virtual world can be smooth sailing, just sunny days, pretty sunsets, and relaxing at home!

I didn’t find it too hard looking good today, all because of the Lace Up Top & Skirt from More Than Ever! The top has an eighties vibe I just love and the laces on both the top and skirt add lots of detail to keep the eye moving from one asset to another! 😉 This new release is available at the mainstore and is in three sets, with each set containing two colours of each. I’m wearing the skirt in sienna and the top in pink dot, from the Turquoise set. The outfit is sized for the SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya mesh bodies.

There’s a fresh new nail palette out at Hello Dave!! It’s the French Fade set and it contains 35 variations for the SLink and Omega compatible nails! The soft natural tones blend well with pretty much any outfit and they add perfectly classic style!

I’ve made a return visit to the Fairy Tale sim to enjoy the tranquil surroundings! Around me is a few more pieces to the Maplemoor gacha set from Raindale! The little bridge, the lantern, and directly behind me is a portal(scripted teleporter). The set has a fantasy feel to it, but it can all be added into non fantasy surroundings and look fantastic!The set is available now at The Crossroads Event and you can visit this area to see the entire set before you give that gacha a play!

The Mishi Thigh High boots from Reign were tucked way back in my inventory, so after a dusting off they look as good as new! The’re fit for the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and are compatible with the Tink Jeans from Blueberry! So you an have that seamless look of boots over jeans!

The Leather String Choker is a nice simple choker from RealEvil Industires! It’s HUD driven with six colours for the leather and the metal.

The Eva hair from Mina Hair is one of my long time favourites! I think it’s timeless!

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo, with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the elegant1 hands from SLink.

Poses by Le Poppycock!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes All I Wanna Do,”

    1. Thank you so much…….I’m always amazed when someone reads my blog, so I’m completely blown away that you found me…and read it! Thank you, thank you 🙂


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