Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Is laundry day the same for everyone? It’s come down to the option of wear very little and do all the laundry today, or go naked tomorrow! It’s that day for me, so I’ve brought out a pair of undies and a bra that I rarely wear, for one reason or another! It’s usually at this point where someone knocks on my door and wants to visit! I’m ready for that though, I’ve donned the men’s tie for a little bit of added coverage! It may look like it doesn’t make a difference, but it feels like it does! I really don’t mind doing laundry, it’s one of the better house chores that’s always needing to be done. I’d rather do laundry than dishes! Oh, and my gawd, vacuuming and dusting sucks, I always find lots of dog hair and dust bunnies around! And don’t even talk to me about windows!

This laundry day is turning out great! The one reason for that is the complete laundry room IMMERSIV has available in the main store and on Market Place! It comes in three sections and can be purchased separately or as a complete set. It’s fully animated with single male/female, couples, and adult animations, so it’s great for role playing!

I’ve added a few other things to make it cluttered like my own real life laundry area! The Old & Rusted basket and rags are from Apt B, from the Old & Rusted gacha set. The fan on the counter is from Lisp and the standing fan is from Tanakamura-kagu. The Portable Espresso Machine is from Standby.

I’m wearing the Widow Bra from Dead Dollz, which is available at The Epiphany. I love the NO.OFFENCE hair from NO.MATCH. I got the Gentleman’s Tie, black from !nfinity, it comes in male and female versions. I am wearing panties, but you wouldn’t know it….they’re from {MYNX} from the Valentine’s pack. As always I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the casual hands and feet from SLink.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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