Beautiful Contrasts

Beautiful Contrasts

The wind plays with my hair
as the rising sun greets me,
and the clouds move softly,
through the gentle morning sky.

~Christy Ann Martine~

Such beautiful words to describe dawn. I can see myself, lifting my face to the breeze, eyes closed, and lifting my face to the sun, as it rises. I could meditate to that thought all day! It’s really romanticizing morning, even for me, a sworn morning person! The reality of mornings for me in the middle of a prairie winter is more like this.

The wind makes my eyes water
as I squint into the blowing snow,
the sky is black and cloudy,
and the sunrise is still hours away.

That’s my own creation, thought up this second as I sit here on this gloomy Saturday! Now, a morning in the summer is blissful here. The sun rises at about 4:30 AM, the air is clean, the sky is clear, and the birds sing. Nothing smells better than an early morning on the prairies. There’s still lots left in my winter, so I don’t want to look forward to that too much, until then, I’ll keep squinting my watery eyes!

The Coven is open for business and I’m excited to show you the new rings from lassitude & ennui, that are exclusive to the event! I said I wasn’t going to do it! I said I didn’t need the bento hands….at least not until all the glitches are out of them! I said…..there’s NO WAY I’m paying that much for hands! Ok…you get the idea, yea……I got the Vista Bento Hands! So, I can now proudly show you the Bewitched/Love ring set. The set includes gold, silver, and black metals and each hand is applied separately with two pieces to each hand. So the set can be changed up quite a bit, for a different look. The Coven runs until February 24.

I made a few stops at the Shop Your Heart Out event and picked up a few things, including Talia’s Heart Necklace-Loyalty by Empyrean Forge. It’s on sale at the event and it comes in gold or silver and the HUD is loaded with bead and ribbon colour options. The SYHO event has lots of great designers with lots of sale prices! So worth a visit.

When I first started this outfit I had planned to show off the very pretty FilRouge Corset, in bronze, from E-Clipse Design. I know you can’t see it in this photo, but I hope to wear it again to give you a good look at it’s beauty! šŸ™‚

The G0106 hair is from tram. I love an edgy look!

As always, I consist of the Alex mesh head from Logo, wearing the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins. I also have the Lara mesh body from Maitreya on and as already mentioned the Bento Hands from Vista.

Extra lighting from my trusty LumiPro.

The pose is courtesy Green Adder from IMMERSIV, thanks so much!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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