I’m an introvert, so it’s not surprising when I say that I truly enjoy an evening at home with a movie and a bowl of popcorn. Yesterday, I planned a movie night and looked forward to it most of the day. So I finished up my work for the day, had my shower, and got the popcorn stuff all out and ready to start my evening. Well, this is where it went a bit sideways! I gave up my air popper last year, in favour of one of the plug in types that has the element on the bottom, the little stirring thingy, and the lid that doubles as a bowl when it’s finished. I had it heating nicely, the butter was melting, and so, with a few minutes to spare decided to check my email on my phone. I’m leaning on the counter top and get completely engrossed in what I’m reading, and before I know it, something rolls past me and onto the floor with a thump! I look down, see the popcorn maker’s dome on the floor, and panic! I drop the phone, the dogs are rushing towards me knowing there’s edible things on the floor, and I stare at the lidless popcorn maker, still popping merrily, spewing hot popcorn everywhere! I unplug it and as the popping slows I look at the mess! The floor was covered, the counter top was covered, the dishwater in the sink had popcorn on top of the suds, and my popcorn bowl was empty! I stood for a second, looking at the mess, my big dog munching happily and the little dog staring at me, wondering why there wasn’t any butter on it! I got my popcorn bowl and gathered all that I could salvage into it, then got to work sweeping. I carried on with my plans, I’d chosen a Gregory Peck film called ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’, which is more relevant today than it was when it was made, and ate my half filled bowl of popcorn. I did learn something out of the fiasco! No matter what you’re doing……don’t do it while distracted! I could have put an eye out with all that flying popcorn!

I’m lovin’ the Luka hair from [KoKoLoReS]!! Luka is a new release exclusive to the March round of Hair O Logy, which runs until March 30. There’s three colour packs to choose from, each containing thirty colours! This is one of the options from HUD 1.

As you all probably know, the Skin Fair is on right now, and I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet! But, I do know that Veechi is there, with four new shapes for the Catwa and Lelutka bento mesh heads, plus, the Mag Shadow! Of which I’m wearing one of the nine colours in the pack. The Mag Shadow is compatible with the Logo, Catwa, and Lelutka mesh heads, plus the classic avatars.

The ‘In the Shadows’ tattoo may be an older release from Pimp My Sh!t, but it’s one of the great ones! It’s my go-to tattoo when I just want a little bit of coverage, and when it includes trees and birds, how can I resist?

The March edition of The Chapter Four is still going, and the Fo Shizzle pose packs from Le Poppycock are there! I’m using a couple of the poses from the ‘A’ pack. They have some attitude, which even I like to have, now and then!

This gorgeous face is courtesy of Sinful Curves Skins! The Alexa skin in honey tone, is my all time favourite skin!!

I braved the crowds of the first day of Kustom 9 to score the Jana Jeans from !APHORISM!. I don’t even question getting the fatpack any more when it comes to buying from !APHORISM!, it’s a no brainer, really!

I haven’t been to this round of The Arcade much, but I did manage to get the Writer’s Boots, rare, from the Old Boots gacha set from katatonik.

The Starry Choker, Leather is from Bokeh..

The Tank Top from Maitreya is so versatile! The tank comes with two options, one for with pants, and one for without!

I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo, Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and the Dynamic Hands from SLink.

I had a lot of fun down at Asphyxiation Point for these pictures! Lots of really nice people there, and some great locations for pictures!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “Distracted?”

  1. What a start to your film evening, Liz! It did make me smile though, dogs are ever the opportunists πŸ™‚ I’m sure the black lab that is shared between me and my neighbour, would have snaffled the lot in about 5 seconds flat regardless of whether it was buttered or not!


    1. Luckily, that was the only bad part of the evening! It amazes me how dogs are always ready to grab anything that falls on the floor! My big dog is fairly cautious about getting around my feet in the kitchen, and the little dog is sometimes picky! She sniffed a kernel, then looked up at me. She likes to be hand fed the butteriest pieces! πŸ™‚


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