Hotel? Trivago!

Hotel? Trivago!

I’ve been thinking, of all the people I see on TV, why is it I like the Trivago guy the best? There certainly are better looking men on TV, but there’s just something about him! Yes, he hasn’t shaved in a couple of days, he’s wearing his cleanest dirty clothes, and he does look kind of tired, but that doesn’t detract from him! I actually think it all adds to his appeal! He’s the guy you could sit around on a Sunday morning, in sweats and a wrinkled T-shirt, and feel perfectly comfortable. If you happen to have a bad hair day, he doesn’t care, he probably prefers you with bad hair! And does he expect you to shave your legs every single day? Nope, he doesn’t mind that bristly feel! The perfectly coiffed and stylish man is highly overrated, I like someone who’s just happy being alive and can appreciate the little things in life, like a woman with bad hair, wrinkled clothes, and a few laugh lines on her face! I mean, nothing proves a persons happiness like laugh lines! 😀

Every now and then I like to wear something completely out of my comfort zone! This outfit does the trick! The little tiny suit that cover what needs covering, and the completely transparent dress over it, makes me feel a little bit exposed, which is odd, because I’ve been nearly nude for photographs and not felt this naked! The ‘Shun’ outfit, made up of boots, suit, and dress from R2 fashion, is available now at Collabor88, it’s available as separates, it fits the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, and comes in five colours.

The Arwen hair from Mina Hair is one of my new favourites! This is from the essentials pack and it’s available at the ULTRA Event, which runs until April 15.

I’m using a pose from the ‘Provocatrice B’ pack of poses from Le Poppycock! The pose set comes with the gun needed for the pose, but I’ve opted for the Piyo Piyo Gun from *BOOM* Clothing which is from a previous round of The Arcade!

My whole look starts with the Alex mesh head from Logo wearing the Alexa skin in honey tone from Sinful Curves Skins. Plus, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, including the feet, and the Vista Bento Hands from Vista Animations.

I dropped in at INSILICO for these pictures!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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