My Weekend

My Weekend

It’s the weekend! Do I sleep in late? Nope, up the same time as always! Do I have a different breakfast? Uh uh….a cup of coffee, an orange, and a small bowl of cereal, as per usual! Am I going to take the day off and lounge about? Some would say I do that every day of the week! But the week days are much the same as the weekends, I do what needs doing. Was I out partying last night? Hahaha….not likely! I haven’t been out ‘partying’ in years! Unless ‘partying’ means popcorn and a movie, by myself! Will I be out partying tonight? No, again! I may watch another movie tonight, and instead of popcorn, I’ll have, ummm…popcorn! Do I have brunch on a Sunday morning? No, I’ve already had breakfast by that time! See, my days all come and go without much difference, it’s a good thing I like being in a rut!

I’m out on my deck at Winters Wind, enjoying the sunset. It’s so beautiful here, I’m so fortunate to call it home! I’m enjoying the view while sitting on The Deck Chair from IMMERSIV! It has poses for the girls, guys, and couples and it’s texture change with two areas to customize! I’m using pose ‘4’ in the ‘girls’ menu. You can find it at the main store as well as on Market Place.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for swim wear lately, getting ready for the upcoming summer and spending time on the beach! I fell in love the with Lili Swimsuit from fame femme and available now at Cosmopolitan. I splurged on the Safari & Elastic pack, which includes eight suits.

The Lika Tattoo,RARE,henna,faded is from Nanika.

A new release from Argrace is the MISAKI hair.

I’ve updated the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and love the new bento hands! On top of the Lara body, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Log with the Alexa skin in honey tone form Sinful Curves Skins!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “My Weekend”

    1. I’ve never minded a rut, or maybe it’s nicer to call it a routine! It’s very predictable, and for me to be spontaneous, I need a few days notice! You have a great weekend,too, Moz! 😀


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