Home is Where the Dog Lays

Home is Where the Dog Lays

I never had a dog as a kid, or a young adult, or even an older adult! I just never had any thought of needing a dog in my life, until one day when I was watching one play and I realized I wanted a dog! I didn’t want a puppy, so I made a trip to the local SPCA, wanting to give a good home to a dog that hadn’t had it very easy! I had no idea what I wanted, I figured I’d know it when I saw it. And I did! While looking at all the dogs jumping at their gates and barking, there at the end of the row of cages was my dog! She was sitting quietly at the gate and looking up at me, with what looked like one blind eye! Yea, she had had an eye injury at some point in life so it was blue and cloudy, and blind. I could get past that! The lady showing me the dogs brought her out into the room and the dog followed quietly along. I carefully introduced myself and she just sniffed me and looked up at me. I could almost see her pleading, to give her a chance! I walked her around a bit, scratched her and put her back into her cage, since I’d told myself I’d give myself a nights sleep to think it over. Early the next morning I was up and arriving at the SPCA for when they opened to bring my new dog home! I was so excited and she made the trip home quietly sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, looking out the window as we drove home. That was ‘Annie’, she was a small Black Lab cross with a gray muzzle and blind in one eye, but she was perfect to me! I had her for 5 wonderful years and still miss her. My next dog was ‘Niles’, he was a big galoot who just wanted to be wanted. He too was a Black Lab cross, but large with a long tail that he carried proudly and wagged endlessly! I got him from someone who was moving and couldn’t take him and I knew when I looked at him that, ‘that’s my dog!’. I lost him about 1 1/2 years ago but we had five good years together. I made the mistake one day, about a year after I had gotten Niles, when I looked in the pets section of the local Kijiji website! I scrolled down and glimpsed a picture of a little white face with big black eyes, and I knew that ‘that’s my dog!’. I had to ‘apply’ to purchase her and make the promise to never let her outside. She was a 2 1/2 year old Poodle/Bichon cross, had had 2 litters of pups, and had never walked on grass! The owner liked a pure white dog!! :O I promised and agreed to anything they wanted and they ‘let’ me buy her. I jumped in the car and went as fast as I could to save her from that place! I brought her home and she was terrified of the sky, but it didn’t take long she was braver than she should have been. She loves the summers on the farm. She gets grubby and dusty and rolls in nasty things, but she’s blissfully happy! Except when I bath her, of course! Her name was ‘Princess’ when I got her and she wore a pink collar with rhinestones on it, I changed her name to, don’t laugh now OK, ‘Squirt’! Dad took a quick liking to her and said, ‘Come here you little squirt!’ and the name stuck! I went through a winter with only ‘Squirt’ after ‘Niles’ had passed away, but last spring when a good friend of mine got terminal cancer I was more than willing to babysit his dog! ‘Amber’ came to visit last April and when my friend knew he didn’t have long he asked me to keep her. She was his baby, and I was thrilled to give her a home. She’s a Chocolate Lab and is older, but faithful and obedient to no end! So, that’s the story of my history with dogs, sorry for being so long winded today, my dogs are a topic I could go on and on about! I’m sure they’re like children, your own are always the smartest and most perfect, ever!! I know mine are!

The dog laying by the door in the background is a Weinmaraner Dog, from Trigi Gifts. He’s my kind of dog, low maintenance, quiet, and doesn’t eat much! 🙂 What I’m here for today is to show you the latest release from KraftWork!! It’s the Bach house and available at the new round of Cosmopolitan, on now! It’s a spacious two level abode with unique placement of windows and a few extras to make it a home. It’s copy modify so you can take things out and retexture if you like, but I like it just as it is! The wood deck out front with the tree are included in the pack and it’s a separate part you can move around! It’s footprint is 26 x 56 with a land impact of 110! You’ll have a great view from the full wall of windows out the front, perfect for that ocean front property you’ve been meaning to purchase! 🙂 Also from KraftWork is the Fontainbleau Chair, Side Table and Table Frame, available at The Chapter Four for just a couple more days, then you’ll find it at the KraftWork main store. I’m using one of the six female aniamtions here, but there’s five male animations, too! And since I can’t be anywhere without a source of music, I’ve placed the Radio Girl radio at my feet for easy access to find my favourites! It’s from the Vintage Radios Gacha at the KraftWork main store and comes with a version solely for decor and also one fully scripted to play your favourite station!

As for my outfit, I made it in to N21 on the first day and scored the Fletcher Pocket Tank from Vinyl. I opted for the Unicorn fatpack, which includes nine pretty colours with a bonus version of each with a little something extra above the pocket!

The Scrunched Sweats in black are from Tres Blah! I always like to have some comfy casual wear for kicking back at home on the weekends and these fit the bill! I purchased them with part of the gift card I won in their Funniest Photo Contest, which you can see here. Thank you Tres Blah for making my weekends comfortable while still looking great!!

The Bow Slides from [Vale Koer] are perfect to slip on when you’re just popping outside for a minute! The fatpack is loaded with colours and they fit the SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza flat feet and also has a pair of unrigged slides if you prefer that!

I think everyone in Second Life knew there was a sale at Truth Hair a day or so ago, but I fought the crowds and came away with an empty purse, but lots of great looking hair! This is Verity from the Variety pack.

As per usual, I’m wearing the Alex mesh head from Logo with the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Sinful Curves Skins, along with the Lara mesh body from Maitreya and the flat feet from SLink.

The Shrub,large, green is from [we’re CLOSED], don’t laugh but I stacked one on top of another to get some height, bet you didn’t notice that! Behind it is the Kensington Wall, 6m simple from Ex Machina. Not much of it is showing, but it is there! The Valiano Fountain is from Trompe Loeil.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

3 thoughts on “Home is Where the Dog Lays”

  1. Great recollections, Liz! I’m sure all your fur babies were well loved. Thanks for introducing me to another animal designer – Trigi Gifts. They have some wonderful animated animals.


    1. Thanks, Moz! Once I take an animal under my wing, I’ll do all I can to give it a happy life, whether it has fur, hair, or feathers! 😀


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