Another Year Older

Another Year Older

It was my real life birthday this past week and not surprisingly I had to endure a rendition of Happy Birthday sung by my family! I will say it was better than usual, probably because I wasn’t singing!! There was a birthday cake which had candles on it for me to extinguish, and with my sister sitting across from me with the camera at the ready, I just pursed my lips ever so slightly so I’d look at least half decent in the shot! There’s nothing like having a picture taken with cheeks fully extended in mid blow, it’s not the most attractive of looks, but it’s family tradition!! We had lots of laughs and we all enjoyed the cake, of course! I can’t believe how fast birthdays come and go, I know having lots of birthdays is much better than the alternative, but do they have come and go in the blink of an eye? I can’t remember every birthday I’ve celebrated, they all kind of get mixed up in my head, if you’ve had as many birthdays as me, you’d forget them too!

It’s been a few days since my last post, and the time between posts has nothing to do with my birthday! I really struggled to get a picture that I was happy with. I think I’ve taken about 40, in three separate attempts and none of them really thrilled me. Out of frustration and passing time I settled on this one! My one worry is that my pictures all start looking the same, I don’t want that to happen, but when creativity is lacking it’s hard to avoid it! But anyway, here’s the info you’ve been waiting for, so patiently!

I always make a trip to all the men’s sales events, and I always find something that catches my eye! This time around it’s the ‘Feather Necklace’ from !NFINITY at Men Only Monthly, or MOM for short!. It comes in gold(seen here), silver, platinum, and black and each is HUD driven with two colour options for the cord. The detailing of it is incredible and with it scripted for easy resizing, I made it small enough for me, easily! I feel like a free spirit when I wear it! MOM runs until July 15.

The June round of Hair O Logy runs until June 30, so there’s still time to get the deals! I’m wearing ‘Vanessa’ from [KoKoLoReS], here and with the wispy tendrils around the face it’s so pretty! [KoKoLoReS] has a total of three styles at this round of Hair O Logy and all are 50% off for the duration! This is from HUD 01, which contains 30 colours!

I’m using a pose from the Solid Gold B set of poses from Le Poppycock.

I joined the Luxe Box group for the June round and Blueberry released the very pretty ‘Cutie Tops’. I forgot how fun Luxe Box is, all those goodies to open, it’s like Christmas in the summer!

The Malena Denim Shorts are from Addams! I could live in shorts all summer and with a pair like this, who wouldn’t want to?

You can see a bit of the ‘Les Fleur’ tattoo from Pimp My Sh!t. This is one of my faves!

I’m slowly getting used to seeing the ‘new me’ with the Catwa Lilo bento mesh head! I think I look a little angry sometimes, but I’m still the same ‘me’ inside! I’m wearing the Luna skin in ‘peche’ tone from Avada(formerly known as Sinful Curves Skins). I’m wearing one of the nine selections of eye shadow from the ‘Monroe Shadow’ pack from Veechi. I’ve added the Catwa applier of the ‘Nissa Eyes’ from Zombie Suicide which are available at the current round of APPLIQUE. The rest of me is the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.

I’m at my favourite spot at, Hazardous, for this shot!

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

9 thoughts on “Another Year Older”

  1. As the others have said and just repeating we all go through those moments where not satisfied or same ole same ~ but for me I like your blog posts and why because it truly is a blog filled with words and not just pics ~ oh am very old school and my birthdays I love being am one of those oldie but goodies so each one am thinking wow I made it this far ~ but Happy Belated Birthday and many more ~ and yes keep up the great work Hugzz


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Starr! The pressure I put on myself to always try to be better is hard to constantly live up to. So hearing words of support helps me so much. Thank you and hugz back to you. ❤

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  2. Happy Birthday for last week, Liz, we didn’t know lol 🙂 Phen is right, I’d like to add maybe try different light conditions and create all sorts of moods. I find this helps me immensely.


    1. Thank you, Moz! My difficulties, which have now lasted what seems like forever, is that I see everything the same. I can’t seem to think of any new ideas or even see anything differently. I’m totally stuck and have no idea how to get out of it. I always like adding humour, but that’s been a struggle and as for creating scenes, I’m blank. I know what you’re saying, and I want to, but my brain just isn’t cooperating. ~sighs and hangs head~ I’ll keep at it, and keep hoping I can get back some of my creativity, soon. Very soon.

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  3. I know what you mean about taking lots of pictures, not getting THE one, and trying again and again, I think this is something we all as bloggers go through, so don’t be discouraged by it, you are not alone!

    In my opinion ALL your pictures are great ❤

    And btw, just how many candles were on that cake?


    1. Thanks for the pep talk, Phen! It’s what I needed to hear today! I knew that no matter how many I took I wasn’t going to like any picture more than another one, so I just picked one because I had to move on! I’m going to keep on keeping on, and hope this funk passes. In all honesty, the number of candles on a cake is usually determined by how many the cake maker has hiding in the back of the cupboard, some already burned down, from the last birthday! Luckily I didn’t need much air to put out the few that was on it! If the cake had as many candles as it should have had there’d have been no cake showing, just one big bonfire on the table! 😀

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