Shakin’ My Moneymaker!

Shakin' My Moneymaker!

Shake your moneymaker
Shake your moneymaker
You got to shake your moneymaker, yeah
Shake your moneymaker
You got to shake your moneymaker
And then…

Shake Your Moneymaker ~sung by many, but I always think of George Thorogood’s version!~

The lyrics of this song don’t have any deep meaning or anything, for me. It probably doesn’t for anyone, but it’s catchy and has a great blues beat. At least it’s bluesy when George Thorogood does it. I can listen to most types of music and enjoy, notice I say most, and not all, I really can’t make myself enjoy rap and I’ve never cared for jazz. There’s tons of music that I’ve probably never heard of, but I’m always willing to listen to something new and give it a try. I’ve found some of my favourite artists completely by accident. I’d never really listened to Leonard Cohen until I bought an album for my Mum for Christmas and I realized that I’d been missing out on incredible poetry. At least I can go back to his older stuff and enjoy it, since it’ll be new to me. A free ticket to a Guns n’Roses concert helped me to appreciate their distinct sound. I’m not sure I’d want to go see them on their new tour….a little too much time has passed and we’re all just a little older! 😛 Way back when vinyl was all the rage for your home stereo I found a Bob Dylan album for a very low price and out of curiosity I took it home and have been a fan ever since. Everyone I know laughs at me for liking his music and my sister has been known to say, ‘He’s not even trying!’, in a very indignant tone. But, I enjoy it and don’t care what anyone thinks! Music has meant a lot to me throughout my life, and it’s one thing that can ease my anxiety or lift me up when I need lifting. It can make me smile and give me energy, when I lacked both. Heck, it even makes me want to sing and dance sometimes, but only when I’m alone……at home……..with the curtains closed…….and the lights out! 😀

So, as you’re looking at my ‘moneymaker’ note how these jeans fit it! They fit like skin and with the high waist and flared legs the attention is all on my booteh! These are the ‘Cara Flared Jeans’ from LEGAL INSANITY and available now at Shiny Shabby! These are fitting my ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya like a glove and they also come fitted for the SLink and Belleza mesh bodies. There’s two versions included in the pack one for flat feet and one for heels, so you can mix it up a bit. Shiny Shabby runs until September 15.

I’ve had the ‘Discorded’ hair from Shi. for quite some time and it’s time I wore it! This is from the dark browns pack.

As you can see I’m topless here, sometimes you just gotta let the girls breathe! 😀 I’m wearing the ‘Luna’ skin in ‘vivante’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento mesh head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body(bento hands included) from Maitreya.

This pose is from the ‘Loose Ends’ pose set from Le Poppycock.

I’m using the ‘We’re All Mad’ backdrop from Isuka.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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