Santa’s Hut

Santa's Hidey-Hole

I always dreamed of the decadent comforts that could be had in ones very own hidey-hole. That little place to crawl into when I need to escape reality for awhile. It would be all warm and cozy with lots of blankets and pillows, maybe a little wood stove to heat some milk for hot chocolate. I’d have a nice collection of books, about a wide variety of things, just in case the book I’m reading at the time doesn’t thrill me. I think I’d only wear pajamas in there, not a nightie but the pants and top men’s type pajamas with slippers….no….big wooly socks. I’d have my phone with me, but only reply to the ones I want to, which on most days is very few, so this wouldn’t be anything new. The phone would also be good to have with me in case I need to call someone to bring me something to make my little retreat a bit more comfortable, like cookies or maybe a slice of brownie, or two. I think it would also be nice to have a cat with me, for a little company. They’re not demanding like a dog, and they don’t mind if I ignore them, but it would be comforting to have a little bit of company. Oh, and of course I’d only go to this retreat in the winter, I don’t normally want a wood stove and hot chocolate on a hot summer day. At least thinking about this in December still leaves me lots of time to get something built before spring, because up here, getting to spring is a long term goal, it’s not in the near future, that’s for sure!

I’d like to thank Robert Galland of Galland Homes for building this little hut for Santa, because if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be posting any festive pictures this year. Still not in the mood, sorry all! But, I created a little area for Santa to retreat to when he has some time before the big day, or maybe on Boxing Day. I put a little wood stove in there along with a big comfy chair and a big steaming mug of hot chocolate for his enjoyment. Santa’s Hut has a 5X5m footprint and a land impact of 11, so it fits pretty much anywhere. It’s available now until December 25 at the Paying It Forward Event, which is an event based on the idea of generosity and giving, so each item there has nocopy/transfer permissions so you can give them as gifts to anyone you care to. I recommend you join the Paying It Forward group so you can pick up the numerous gifts from a lot of seriously talented designers. I love this idea, it makes it easy to spoil the ones closest to you.

And as for the rest of this little scene, well gachas play a fairly large part in it. I need some kind of reason to play gacha like I do! 😛 So, Mesh India is at the current round of Cosmopolitan with the ‘Let It Snow Winter Decor gacha 2’, and the stump with axe and separate stumps are from that one. There’s another fantastic winter gacha set at the MI main store, if you’re interested.

The trees on either side of the hut and the toboggan, which is part of the snowy planks walk way are all part of the ‘Midwinter Magic’ gacha set from DEL-ka AEDILIS. They specialize in role play buildings and furniture and have a bunch of other gachas to play at the main store.

The snowy ground, snowy meadow and snowy grasses are all from a mega snowy pack I got from KIDD Grass awhile back.

The ‘Fall Heritage Woodburner’ and the ‘Magnolia Wreath’ are both from Apple Fall.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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