Favourite Things and a Few Random Thoughts

Favourite Things and a Few Random Thoughts

You know the song ‘My Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music, it’s not really a Christmas song, but I only ever hear it this time of year. I have to confess I’ve never seen the movie in it’s entirety, just pieces of it here and there. I’m not a big Julie Andrews fan, and the whole premise just seems a little too pat, for me. I don’t even really like most Christmas movies, and although I love old movies I’ve never seen Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life. I do enjoy White Christmas but mainly because I can sing along, when alone of course. I’ve not seen Scrooged, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Elf, or Jim Carey in The Grinch, none of them even remotely appeal to me! I’ll watch Christmas Vacation if it happens to be on, but I don’t consider Lethal Weapon a Christmas movie just because it’s set at Christmas time, although it is considered one. I guess all I’m doing is cementing my reputation for being anti-Christmas in everyone’s mind. But to get back to the topic I started with, I wanted to mention a few of my favourite things this time of year, to show that even a Grinch can enjoy some parts of the festive season. I love Mandarin Oranges, which we call Christmas oranges here because it’s the only time of year they’re available. Each orange wrapped in it’s own paper wrapper and packed in a festive box, their aroma makes me feel like I’m a kid again. I like driving around and looking at Christmas displays in peoples yards, whether in the city or the country. I like eggnog, not the home made kind, but the stuff in a carton, I add a bit of milk to thin it down a bit, it’s pretty rich. I think Poinsettia are very pretty, the traditional red ones are the best. I know everyone would expect me to say that getting gifts is pretty darn great, and it is, but I’d prefer to get or give a gift any time of year. If I find something that someone I know would really like, I don’t need a reason to give a gift, other than I want to. With that being said, if I receive a gift for no other reason than the person wants to give me one, that makes it all the more special, it tells me I’m in their thoughts! (15 minutes later) I’m sitting here trying to think of more things that I like about Christmas, and unless I give up and carry on with the rest of this post, I’ll be sitting here all night. So, I’ll carry on…..let’s begin!

I think I look sad here, and I didn’t mean to, it just happened. I was just playing around yesterday in-world and I liked this picture. So I thought I’d share it.

The tattoo is the ‘Batra & Leok’ tattoo from Isuka. It’s a full body tattoo but can be worn in two parts and it comes in 3 ink tones, this is the ‘fresh’ tone.

The ‘Gia’ hair is from Tableau Vivant and is at the December round of Kustom9, which opened yesterday.

I’m wearing my all time favourite skin here, ‘Raine’ in ‘miel’ tone from Avada on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh head from Maitreya. I’ve added one of the fifteen colour options from the ‘Dark Metallic Eye shadow’ pack from Izzie’s.

My eyes are from the ‘Nissa’ set of eyes from Zombie Suicide. My lashes are from the ‘natural 2’ eyelash pack from Mai Bilavio.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Things and a Few Random Thoughts”

  1. I really enjoyed the Home Alone movies – although I’m not a great Christmas movie fan and I think you would like them, too. There’s sufficient action without being mawkish in the them and a great sense of childish humour 🙂


    1. That’s good to know, because I know you’d never steer me wrong! 😀 I see the Home Alone movies on TV, so I’ll have to give them a try…….who doesn’t love childish humour……I know I do! *gives you a wedgie* hahaha

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