I Found What I Was Looking For

I Found What I Was Looking For

A few days ago I was needing a warm climate and a beach to sit on, just wanting to be truly warm inside, well……I found my sun, sand, and surf. Yea..I know it’s virtual, but it’s better than nothing. I sit here at the computer looking east, the sun just came up and it’s warmed up a bit. It’s only -28°C now, yea…..time to break out the fur lined bikini! In Second Life I’m sitting on the lifeguard chair and I have no idea how I got up here since I’m afraid of heights, but climb up here I did. Oh….and it’s a good thing this is a private beach because I’m a terrible swimmer and wouldn’t have a hope saving anyone in trouble. I can feel the warm breeze coming in off the ocean, though, and the warm afternoon sun is almost hot, but soooooo nice. Although I’ll be waiting another few months for warm weather in real life, at least I can find a little bit of relief from the cold in the virtual world.

The main feature of this post is the ‘Carribean Hut’ from Galland Homes which is available exclusively now at FaMESHed. It has a land impact of 25 and is a spacious room with lots of open windows to let in the cooling ocean breezes. It features a step with stairs leading up to the door and it’s on pilings so you can get out over the water with it, and feel like you’re on top of the world. FaMESHed runs until February 25.

I’m sitting on the ‘Lifeguard Chair’ from hive. The chair also comes in an abandoned version, but it looked a little too rickety.

The ‘lifebuoy’ on the hook and in the water are both from Dutchie. The pack of lifebouys come with four versions, the wall,floating, on the ground, and on a post.

I found the ‘Beach Poster 8’ in my Bee Designs folder, which is right full of all kinds of awesomeness!

The ‘Pampas Grass’ is from The Cube Republic. I love Pampas Grass!

The ‘Old Boat’ is from a gacha from ionic, not sure which one, sorry.

The ‘old fence’ is from [we’re CLOSED]. I’m now officially worried that Hazardous isn’t going to reopen! Please, Mandingo Quan…….please…..I need Hazardous, it’s my favourite photography sim!! 😀

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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