Someone Say Road Trip?

Someone Say Road Trip?

Destination? check
Map? check, no GPS for me…I’m old skool!
Music? check check
Munchies? checkaroo
Drinks? yup yup
Sunglasses? uh huh
Purse? oh yea!

Looks like I have all I need, if someone wants to join me, you’re more than welcome, but you have to be prepared to sing along to the music and be OK with random stops to grab lots of coffee, take pics and look around. This isn’t going to be a fast trip, but it’s going to be fun! What’s that? A reliable vehicle? Oh…….nooooo…that’s not necessary, we just go and take our chances, knowing that what happens, happens, and it’s all part of the experience! It’s not at all like it used to be, when breaking down meant time on the side of the road until someone came by who would help. No, with cell phones it takes that element right out of it, a rescue is just a phone call away. By the looks of the truck I’m taking on this road trip I better have a fully charged battery and lots of money for repairs, it could be a long trip!

A road trip in real life does require a comfortable outfit, but it’s not as important in Second Life. But, I’m keeping it casual with just jeans and a shirt, and of course great shoes! The ‘Britta Bootie’ from Ingenue is the perfect footwear for this kind of thing. First and most important is it looks good, second…..the full foot coverage makes traversing adverse terrain easy and safe, third……the lower and chunky heel is easier on the foot when not on cruise control, and I don’t think this truck has cruise control! Oh…and fourth…..did I mention it looks good? It’s fitted for the SLink and Maitreya mid foot and comes in 12 pretty colours, this is ‘toffee’. It’s available now at Collabor88.

The ‘Mindy Tank Top’ is from Just Because. I love tank tops and can’t wait for warm weather to make them a wardrobe staple again.

The ‘DWL’ jeans from Blueberry are the perfect fit and the soft denim is so comfy!

The ‘ARARE’ hair is from Argrace. This is from the blacks pack.

I’m wearing the ‘Cozy Tights’ applier from Izzie’s here, to cover up the bare, and chilly looking ankles.

The look all begins with the ‘Raine’ skin in ‘miel’ tone from Avada, on the ‘Lilo’ bento head from Catwa and the ‘Lara’ mesh body from Maitreya.

This pose is from the super versatile ‘Live Free’ set of poses from Le Poppycock. They all revolve around going on a road trip and loving your vehicle! 😀

I’m at Mother Road for this shot.

The cooler is from the ‘Open Road Collection’ gacha set, and the oil bottles are from the ‘Garage Collection’ gacha set, both from Consignment. The gas can beside me is from 7 Emporium. The ‘fresh gasoline’ gas can is from zerkalo.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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