Let Me Hold You

Let Me Hold You

When the dark clouds come your way
When your demons can’t be tamed
When your last straw starts to break
And you feel your heart can’t take anymore
When your second chance is gone
When you’re barely hanging on
When you’re tired of being strong, and you don’t know where to run anymore

I wanna take away the hurts
But I just don’t have the words
Let me hold you
Let me hold you tight
Let me hold you
Just let me hold you tonight

When the shadow’s always there
When you can’t come up for air
When tomorrow seems to lead nowhere
And there’s no answer to your prayer anymore

I wanna take away the hurts
But I just don’t have the words
Let me hold you
Let me hold you tight
Let me hold you
Just let me hold you tonight

Let Me Hold You‘ ~Josh Krajcik~

I have to admit to being a little short of words most days lately. The winter has seemed like an eternity and refuses to let go it’s grip on my part of the world, and with it being a very difficult winter on top of it, life has lost it’s sparkle for me. It’s not dire, I’m still here, in SL and RL, but nothing seems to shine very brightly for me. So, I bring you a song, again……I hope that’s OK.

I got a message from Stephanie, owner and creator of Avada, saying she’d tweaked ‘Raine’, my all time favourite skin. I was excited, but cautiously because of how much I love this skin on me. There are slight changes, but I think all for the better! The lips are super kissable in all their poutiness and the nose a little more delicate, but I’m still Liz in this skin. The tones have all been tweaked also, they’re numerically named so it’s easy to know what’s light and dark. This is tone ‘210’ kind of a mid range not too light and not too dark. The navel and nipples have also been redone with subtle changes and all for the good! It’s compatible with the Maitreya, SLink, Belleza, and Omega mesh bodies and the Catwa mesh heads. There’s 9 skin tones and 3 brow colours plus a no brow option. ‘Raine Gen 2’ is available now at the current round of The Makeover Room, which runs until April 26.

One of my favourite lingerie makers is Big Beautiful Doll, the detailing is incredible with lacy lace, soft satins, and sexy styles. This is the ‘Shirley’ set, which I’m just wearing the bra and panties, with the set also including stockings and garter.It’s fitted for the 3 major mesh bodies with appliers for the same 3. I have the fatpack of this set and picking a colour is always nearly impossible, this time I settled on the pink.

The ‘Veronika’ hair is from Tableau Vivant.

I’ve added a little bit of eye shadow from the ‘Satin’ pack from Buzzeri.

This pose is from the ‘Pillowplay’ set of poses from [evolove].

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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