Time is the Enemy

Time is the Enemy

So, I do have a song for you today, but it’s completely different from what I normally throw your way! It’s instrumental, which really puts a damper on my love of good lyrics, but the video is completely mesmerizing to me! I sat and stared at this video a few times, completely enthralled with it. I’m not going to say what it is, you can go find out for yourself, but if you love history this might be for you. The song is called ‘Time is the Enemy‘ and it’s by Quantic. I think the music is really relaxing and it’s perfectly paired with this video. I will admit that I sat waiting for the singing to start up until the three quarter mark, then realized that there’s no singing coming. As I watch it yet again I find it kind of haunting, and I’m not sure if it’s in a good way. Anyway, have a look and a listen and give me your opinion of it.

So, it’s another day in the life of Liz, and if you hadn’t already noticed, it’s a butt shot day! I haven’t had one in awhile, so I thought why not! I’m baring a lot of skin today to show off the ‘Darkness’ tattoo from Carol G Tattoo and exclusive to the Darkness Monthly Event. It’s compatible with the Maitreya, SLink, TMP, and Omega bodies, plus it’s ready to go on the newly updated Belleza bodies.

The ‘V-Thong’ is from /erratic/.

I love this little pixie style hair from tram. It’s ‘G0210’.

The rose is one of the pose/props from the ‘Heartache’ sets of poses from Le Poppycock. I’ve done a bit of editing to get the petals falling just right.

The pose is one of the 6 in the ‘Jas’ set from RK Poses.

Author: Liz

Just a simple country girl living a Second Life.

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